ForumsWEPRAre white males portrayed as "wimps" by the media?

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I've seen it all to often- a white male, usually very untanned and soft looking (as if to exaggerate the point), is made to look either wimpy, stupid, slow, or all of these things on a TV commercial. The person portrayed as intelligent and informed in such a commercial is almost always non-white or female. Before we continue let me state that I have absolutely nothing against non-whites in any way at all. Some of the nicest people I have ever known have been non-white. Now continuing on, do you think that there is or notice such a media-generated stereotype of white males? I find it difficult to think that there isn't; from car insurance ads to tech commercials I find it very annoyingly present and lame. Now I obviously don't disagree that there are white males are like this, because there just are. But there are wimpy men in all races as there are strong men in all races. Thoughts? Comments?

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