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Couple sells kids to play games.

Posted Jul 18, '14 at 1:21pm



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There is no hope for us... after myself seeing this news on AlphaOmegaSin. (Awesome channel, i'll leave a link at the bottom)

A couple sold their child, already a bad thing as you all know, but what made it even worse that when they were questioned, they said they did it because they didn't have enough money for this MMO item or something like that. but that is the reason to sell their child..... listen, i have a 6 year old cousin
and i love him but if you were too touch him, i would impale you. with the nearest object, even if it was blunt. i would do that too you if you touched anyone from my family. so ... how can these people do this to their child.
Also the child, no one knows where the child is.

As AlphaOmegSin said 'there is a place for people like you in hell' i think that too.
These people are now sitting in prison and i hope they never get out.

OK people, leave a comment on how you think on this.

Have a nice day.


Stop asking me on "leave a link to where you got the source" i'll do it here's Alpha and where i got the story.


ENJOY! now stop!


Posted Jul 18, '14 at 1:28pm



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And it wouldn't surprise me if people also sold children to fuel their gambling addiction as that is exactly what MMOs do; make people addicted.

Regardless, the problem is not the gaming, it is the couple. It should be "I can't believe parents would sell their child". The reason is meaningless.


Posted Jul 18, '14 at 6:30pm



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They are just doing what they love


Posted Oct 9, '14 at 3:10pm



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1 more Thing why we are all doomed...


Posted Nov 21, '14 at 4:52am



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This is awful! What were they thinking! Selling their own child! Twisted minds they have.

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