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I am an 18 year old male and I am sorry to say that I don't have much respect for other males my age. The key in the preceding sentence is the word "male"- notice how I avoided the word "man". Whenever I meet males my age, it is not long before they begin using their advanced rhetoric and big boy vocabulary to make up garbage about how they [edited] the previous night and how "enormous" their [male genitals] are and how "small" mine are. This kind of speech and behavior is base and incredibly far below my level. Why do I run into so many of these overgrown, foul-mouthed children? Do males my age possess any sort of capacity for intelligent thought and/or conversation? I will gladly not have any male friends for as long as it takes until I can find people like me that I can relate to. I have intelligent and constructive hobbies and interests (you can read about them on my profile).
I've been motivated to start a thread like this in spite of recent events that I've experienced. I am going to use my local basketball court as the setting to describe some of these people that I've been referring to. I go there a lot and I interact with many people there. Some names have been changed slightly.

Males at my local basketball court:

John: The local overweight bully with an incredibly foul mouth who enjoys harassing the smaller boys at the court as well as me. He calls me an interesting array of foul things and I have the honor of being sucker punched by him in the head or back regularly. If I'm really lucky, he'll kick me in the groin.

Gary: The local idiot who is always walking around the place, following people around, and generally acting weird. He ain't too bad of a guy though.

Me: "I just wanna play basketball, I don't want to hear this crap."

That Insane Guys from The Netherlands: This would be an entire thread topic by itself, so let's let it rest.

Larry: Works at the front desk at the court. Aged 50 or so. Is by far the nicest guy in there.

Everybody else (89%): first paragraph ^

This concludes things for the moment. It's your turn now to share your own thoughts, advice, comments, and personal stories.

ps, I am sorry if I've made any errors in my writing. I haven't slept all night and I'm pretty weary right now!

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