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Celtic Music

Posted Jul 27, '14 at 11:22pm



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Celtic music is undoubtedly one of my favorite types of music for several reasons. One reason is that, unlike many other kinds of ambient music, it is well composed and somewhat soul-stirring, not just wind chimes and endless beats. I enjoy music like this that has positive spiritual energy. If there are others out there that feel the same, please post!
Here is some nice Celtic music to listen to if you are unfamiliar with it:


Posted Jul 28, '14 at 5:11am



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Green Sleeves yall! That's really all I can think of off the top of my head but yah I do enjoy the occasional Celtic song thrown in with my gaming soundtrack.


Posted Jul 28, '14 at 10:56am



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Here is some good celtic music. I really enjoy using Celtic music for background noise when i'm playing a game. Just really relaxing.

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