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Hi, all.

I'm looking for help making an engaging formula for mid-level games (I'm level 364 at the time of writing this post).

At the lower levels, I used fractalman's guide for low levels as a jumping off point, and created a formula that went:
MinDmg x (1+ CritChance x (CritMulti - 1)) = F

I enraged monsters with gem grades that would get me a net positive mana return until their armor was around or just over 0.75F for swarmlings, 0.5F for reavers, and 0.25F for giants.

It went pretty smoothly until I got past level 200, and became even worse past level 300. When I started enraging reavers with grade 6 gems, and giants with grade 5 gems, this formula went completely out the window, because, as I just recently realized, higher grade gems not only cause more monsters to spawn, but they also give them a bigger health bonus.

So, with all that being said, I need a new enraging formula, one that works more consistently past wave 50.

Keep in mind that this is only for level clearing and XP maximization off of one amplified tower gem. I haven't gotten to the point at which I am comfortable setting up a mana farm (I tried a couple of guides, but the numbers didn't work out at all).

I'm currently using gems consisting of 50% black, 25% yellow and 25% red, with even yellow-reds in the amps (not super-weaving the kill gem, but weaving the amp gems).

Thanks in advance.

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