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GC CS: EPIC FIND! A gem BETTER than the 32-spec - With at least 400 hits.

Posted Aug 12, '14 at 4:22pm



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Psorek, your 32 spec gem, found in your end game guide, is definitely NOT the best. I think I've proven that conclusively enough in this thread.

I just don't happen to know what the best gem would actually be. I do not know that the new 32 spec gem recipe you made, for +1 amps, is the best wither. I only know that it is better than the other gems.


Posted Aug 14, '14 at 4:24am



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Alright, for doing hardest settings x and y maps, I got to see black trump white pretty easily (at least a gem grade worth). FYI, end of regular waves starts to push 10^21 hp, armor of course is always laughable (needed to get a 70 or 80+ minimum rarity talisman part).

16 combine v regular upgrade: close to double special at grade 39 cost for 10% less damage and things that don't matter. Minorly more tedious, but a distraction from angering I guess. The GCL combination of pure to mix same grade for a slight boost works here, but taking advantage of the one less grade combination bug is way too huge to ignore.

I'll get %s on a few less tedious combos for like gems, as waiting for grade + 3 is rough on maps with a low number of starting waves (those have some great setups: short path to a choke point and orb on other side of screen).

I also did a little gem combo. Could get one of the specials in a triple better than the first example, but wasn't very straight forward. Easy to screw up and get something worse than shift + g.

Can check out perma-frost now, have enough boosters for that cheese. Oh, farming hits for black gems sucks


Posted Aug 14, '14 at 10:07am



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Use 64 combine and 1/8/23 r/o/b 32spec

Black is easy to farm(if you pro :P) got 31 billion hits.


Posted Aug 15, '14 at 7:32am



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Ok, kind of neglected raising the gems involved in this test, until now. Same gems, no hits, no barrage. Grade 70 with Grade 71 amps :

75,312,575,420,242,400,000 - 3.69104299057313e21 damage
80% chance of x116,189,145,178,287,400 damage
6,445.59 chain hit
x985.25 Bloodbound (+957.247/hit level)

79,420,895,820,460,820,000 - 3.88160920914167e21 damage
80% chance of x118,754,687,793,014,540 damage
6,509.19 chain hit
x998.77 Bloodbound (+997.769/hit level)

Old : 4.288591298910013820200681403681e+38
New : 4.609592897661092562189035955486e+38
Difference : 3.21001598751078741988354551805e+37
Percent difference : 7.485%

I wonder if it is going to exceed 7.5%?

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