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I was experimenting for the last 2 hours attempting to create a more bloodbound-oriented gem that would eventually be better than the current 32-spec gem. After at least 6 ratio failures and many more supergem failures, I stumbled on this jackpot.

This is the Standard 32-spec triple gem-

This is my Gem of Subtle Fury-

Looks inferior? It is! For a while anyway.

Here are the gems I used to 1:63 both to squish the red more(gaining a universal 3.7% mana leech). I replaced the red in both formulas with orange.

The 32-spec-

The Gem of Subtle Fury-

After two iterations of the 64-combine, here is the 32-specced gem with 400 hits-

Here is my Gem of Subtle Fury-

Same hit level, just pointing that out.

Now, the kicker. In a trap with G16 64-combined pure O amps...

The 32 spec-

Aaaaaaand....the Gem of Subtle Fury(dang I like this name!) -

Only a 0.2% difference....but the GoSF was inferior with both having no hits. Which means it gets better the higher they both go in hit levels. Again, its hardly anything, but it IS better. Numbers don't lie.

Here's the horrid Paint drawing of the formula. The ONLY things I changed were Red's position and introducing black to the orange earlier. Incredible, huh?

If it's too confusing, basically this is how I built the top portion(19 G1s equivalent), the bottom is identical.

Create G1 Orange
Create G1 Red
Create G1 Black
Combine G2 RO into B
Create G2 Orange and 2 G1 Orange
Combine the G2 O with both G1s
Combine the Triple onto that.
Create Dual Orange Black G2
Create G1 Black
Combine Dual with G1 Black
Combine Triple with Dual.
Create G2 Orange and G1 Black
Combine Orange onto Black
Combine Triple with the new Dual.
Create G2 O, G1 O, G1 B, G2 B.
Combine G2 O onto G1 O, G1 B, G2 B in that order.
Combine result with Triple.

That's the top part.

Cool, huh? Shows what experimenting can uncover

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