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Borthel's Super Grade 100 Run - (Images inside!)

Posted Aug 3, '14 at 8:33pm



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I said a while back in kiwi that I would be back with a vengeance. Well, here I am, sitting on this, after only one day of vigilant freezing:

My optimism points toward a super grade 100 in the coming days, finally completing the crusade in aesthetics as well as cost.

Participation is encouraged.

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Posted Aug 3, '14 at 8:40pm



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Only 5k monsters?

That's going to limit the amount of mana you can get per frame.


Posted Aug 4, '14 at 4:57am



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You've got competition Borthel :P

And my gem is a gem optimized for Amp grade +1 strategy haha. (+1.53% more if all amps are 1 G higher).


Posted Aug 4, '14 at 6:07am



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Good luck, atm I don't dare to make endurance as I lost two epic rounds, one by crash and one by clicking on a link...
And 5k monsters is a good value for not too much lag!


Posted Aug 6, '14 at 3:38am



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Just saying Borthel, I calculated the cost of a G120(G100 super) which came to 3.6 E37 mana lol.

Good luck. I'm going for Grade 144, which costs... *checks* *gasps* *faints* *revives* 6.02 E44. Er. Yeah.


Posted Aug 6, '14 at 8:10am



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And my gem is a gem optimized for Amp grade +1 strategy haha. (+1.53% more if all amps are 1 G higher).

Could you explain, or point me to a thread, how a gem is optimized for Amp +1?

Posted Aug 6, '14 at 8:13am



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New 32-spec. Gives up to +3.9% extra mana with 6 amps 1 grade higher.

If that code confuses you(It took me a little while to understand how to decipher it but now I can easily read it....mostly) read below for a better explanation:

G1 = Grade 1
G2 = Grade 2


O = Orange B = Black R = Red

X(1) = duplicate 1.

X(2) = duplicate 2.


1. G1 R + G1 B

2. 1 + 4x G1 B

3. 2 + G2 B

4. 3 + (G2 B + G1 B)

5. ( G1 B + G1 O + G1 B) + (G1 B + G1 B + G1 B)

6. Duplicate 5.

7. Combine 4 with 5(1)

8. G2 O + 2 G1 O

9. 8 + G2 OB

10. 9 + (G1 B + G1 O + G1 B)

11. 10 + 5(2)

12. 11 + 7

13. Finished


Hope that made sense


Final G5 stats for maxed skills-

4.78 Chain
5.94 leech
+0.275/hit level.

How it's better is because it amplifies the mana gained from amps much more, so much that the base orange becomes less potent. You still need a pretty powerful orange component, but it should be black oriented to take advantage of amps. Reason- total 6x amps give more than any 1x managem. Only increased by being 1 grade higher. So each bloodbound percent gained is actually 6x more potent which outstrips the base orange loss.

Example- for the old 32-spec, amps gave +553% more mana being one grade higher than the basegem(total 6.53x basegem mana)

For this one, they give +862% more mana(9.62x basegem)(though the base is less, however it balances so you gain a slight bonus using this)

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Posted Aug 6, '14 at 11:02pm



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I have some good news, and I have some bad news.

First the bad news:

I might have a limiting factor concerning computer stability. I was in the same spot as Astro when his PC reset itself. Likely, it was like mine; sudden, without warning. Nothing to trigger it. In my case, it happened just 20 minutes ago. So, I might have to up the monsters to 9990 in order to at least make a full grade 102 farm to show you soon. Note that it's not implied that this is the average lifespan of a run my machine. I could still make it to grade 120. This setback has only made my determination stronger.

The good news? I at least have something to show you, though that was before I had 2 of 6 grade 103 amps with 1.4e21 per target and +40,873,978,460 hits with an ~x224,551.7 bloodbound bonus.

[Drag image to new tab to view full size]

Also, I get to test out Thunder/psorek's new Gem of Subtle Fury!

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Posted Aug 6, '14 at 11:27pm



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Heh yeah. Bad luck mate but cool pic!


Posted Aug 6, '14 at 11:30pm



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I just hope yours does not crash. I hesitate to consider losing more than 3 days of farming by no fault of one's own. I want this to be completed regardless of who does it.

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