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[Answered] URGENT *Subscription*

Posted Aug 12, '14 at 11:46pm



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I accidentally clicked on the button that said 'subscribe in order to receive updates,' and I didn't mean too, so I need to know if it's free, or if I have to start paying an amount of money. If this means I am supposed to pay, how do I unsubscribe? Please help! I love this site and just haven't found another like it, but I don't have the money to subscribe. I'm sorry. This just now happened at 8:45 pm, on Tuesday, August 12, 2014. Thanks!!!


Posted Aug 13, '14 at 3:07am



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Armor Games is a free online gaming website, so there's nothing to worry about @tspoon97! Your subscription to this website is only to have you benefit from the online saving for games, submitting your highscore, earn Quests, being able to comment on friends' profiles and post on our Community Forums... that is all!

Enjoy the great games hosted here, be active on the Forums and have fun! Welcome to Armor Games! =)

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