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Posted Aug 20, '14 at 10:09am



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The DOOM franchise has added another DOOM to the series! DOOM 4! It is so ****** showing the Cyberdemon in the teaser trailer.


Posted Sep 1, '14 at 1:59am



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Its not called Doom 4. It was simply put as Doom. Nothing else in the title and from what I hear and see it's built on an entirely new engine that Id created. They got there ideas from a mod called Brutal Doom link is provided be warned NSFW. Also I'm really looking forward to this coming out as well as you are! 



Posted Sep 1, '14 at 6:01am



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I'm sorry to have to dissapoint you guys, but the trailer link is from the old DOOM series... don't know if it's DOOM II or FINAL DOOM, but I can assure you that it's one of these two. I have them both and played them endlessly! =)

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