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What are your favorite games inside games? Just what do I mean by games inside games, some of you maybe wondering. What I mean is kinda like a game that kind of sets itself apart from the actual game. Think of it kind of like an ammusment park, the main focus point in ammusment parks is(usually) the rides, but there also games that are also there because why not?

So hopefully I explained that well enough, now a game inside a game I really like is the VOLTORB Flip on Pokemon Soul Silver and HeartGold(It may have been on others) I just love it! It's kind of a mix between a game of chance and the cups and 3 balls. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy, I just love it for that mixed difficulty.

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does the fact you make games in game dev tycoon count?

if not than there was that plants vs zombie thing in WoW that happen a awhile ago (i kinda left WoW shortly afterwards so i don't remember it well)

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