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Warp drives! It might be possible.

Posted Aug 29, '14 at 11:40pm



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Because I like Warhammer, and I spend alot of time on it, but ultimately it's just a fantasy.

Not that warp drives are impossible or what not, I just have zero knowledge on the stuff.


Posted Aug 29, '14 at 11:46pm



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Anyways, i have read your article HahiHa. about the topic on warp drives, i really think that the obstacles are nearly impossible to crack. I think by warp drives you meant the Alcubierre's Warp drive hypothesisi

The obstacles include negative mass particle, means to control the field and how to somehow avoid time travel. the first obstacle isn't even technically possible to crack. how in the bloody hell are you going to create something that have a mass less than 0.00000000000000000001 kg, let alone engineer something that circumvent the 0 mass found in photons and keep going to negativity? it is purely impossible in my belief

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