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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted Sep 2, '14 at 11:46am



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I havent been nominated, and even if i did, this is my only social media. Personally, i think its a great idea.I mean, THAT much money raised (I cant remember the exact amount) is just AMAZING!!!

I have had ice water dumped on my before, at a swim meet, on the block, and what i felt is NOTHING compared to what people with ALS feel. I know some one that has it, and they said that a bit of ice cold water is nothing to the pain. But i like what going on here!! Keep it up!!


Posted Sep 3, '14 at 7:30am



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it's good for humanity to organize such events.


Posted Sep 3, '14 at 1:39pm



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and even if i did, this is my only social media

ya but this isnt a social media platform

u 2 storm. bad
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