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Making a videogame.

Posted Aug 31, '14 at 7:10am



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So, uh, hey guys! I'm trying to make a videogame (an open-world RPG, to be precise). I have a lot of stuff practically ready: plot, characters, the battle system, skilltrees... But what I'm lacking is somebody who can actually make these things a reality. Two friends have already agreed to help me with the coding, but we're still unsure about what to do (The main concern right now is whether we should use Flash or Unity).

Apart from that, we're also looking for artists and composers, but we don't seem to have had much luck so far.

So, I was wondering if somebody here knows where I could look for help making the game? A place to ask people to join the project, basically.

Thanks in advance!


Posted Aug 31, '14 at 7:44am



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You can source for programming help here or the tons of programming forums out there.

We have an Art Section, dk if the quality is alright for you. I will suggest sourcing DevianArt for your artist/music related needs. Tons of wannabe artists looking for their first break there.


Posted Aug 31, '14 at 10:58am



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Hm, the programming sub-forum looks interesting! I'll definitely ask a few questions over there.

Sadly, I already made a post on dA's forums, but it seems to have been completely ignored (plus, dA forums are so crowded that if somebody doesn't posts in 24 hours on your topic, it's going to end down in the double-digits pages). Still, I might retry asking for help over there.

The art section is very diverse, but from what I see, I'm not sure if any of the stuff I've seen is "right" for the game. Don't get me wrong, there's some great stuff in there, but I'm not sure if it is stuff that can easily be animated.

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