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Ok, so I bought a pen tablet and it's good and all, but, I still can't get used to it. I had it for a while already and I'm still not used to drawing on that yes it orientates to the computer and so far all my tablet accomplished is made me feel like a bad artist. So i took a brake from that and drew a picture with a paper and pencil and it looks great. Now I feel like I should've gotten a scanner instead...

Any of you guys have a tablet and did you get used to it? If so how long did it take you, and should I give up on mine?

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Tablet drawing is a bit of an acquired skill. I've seen several reports of people buying one and feeling that they suck at it, but this varies a lot.

I only tried drawing with one for about ten minutes and I experienced a few issues with the alignment (absolute versus relative), as well as with the whole clicking and dragging...I hope those settings are somewhat changeable xD

Given this is a significant investment, of course I'd like to see you make good with it, so see what kind of styles might suit the tablet, and go from there.

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