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Every game on this site is playing an ad from spectrum, and upon finishing the ad freezes and the game does not start. If I click the ad, it just restarts. Anyone else having this problem?

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In order to help, we need to know what browser you're using and a little more info here. Does it freeze on the ad screen, or does the ad go away? Does the browser crash (like other windows don't work either) or is it just that one thing?

As a quick fix, try another browser. That works most of the time. Also make sure you have Flash enabled (just Google how to do this for your browser if you don't know how). Go ahead and make sure Flash is enabled (and set to 'Always Activate') and, if that doesn't work, try another browser. If neither of those things work, let us know. And make sure to include the info I asked about at the beginning.

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