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Zombie - Slow moving, weak, easy to kill
Devil - Fast, strong, shoots fireballs, hard to kill
Pistol - weakest gun in the game
Uzi - Fast shooting gun
Shotgun - Slow but powerful gun
Fake Wall - Walls used as obstacles
Grenades - Explosive bombs
Claymore - Mines
Rockets - Long ranged explosives
Railgun - Shoots through all enemies in a line
Charge Packs - Remote mines
Barrels - Explode when shot
Enemy Weaknesses
Zombie - Zombies can be killed pretty easily, but they can be a real pain when they corner you. The best weapon to use when that happens would be the grenades or shotgun. Other than that, you can use any weapon to kill a zombie.
Devil - Devils are stronger than zombies. It will take way more shots to kill them. They are strong against the railgun and explosives. I suggest killing them with the uzi or shotgun. The uzi is fast, so it will shoot them down before they get a chance to shoot fireballs at you. The shotgun is strong, so it can take them down in fewer shots, but I would wait until you get the rapid fire powerup for the shotgun to use it on devils.
How To Stay Alive
You cant just run right into a mob of zombies when you are low on health, or you will die easily. You will want to avoid the zombies as much as possible. As you avoid the zombies, your health is slowly regenerating. You can also pick up an item box when your health is low and it will give you full halth. But watch out, becuase after the first 20-30 levels or so, it will stop giving you full health and you will have to rely on your health regeneration.
Getting A Higher Score
Everybody knows the object of Boxhead 2Play (Singleplayer) is to get your name on the highscores. Some people think it is impossible to get scores as high as 1 million, but it is actually quite simple and easy to get (i got 27 million points the first time i played). Sure, killing zombies and devils give you points, but that wont be enough to get on the highscores table. No, you will have to use the combo meter. The combo meter goes up every time you kill an enemy. So, to get a higher score, you need to kill as many enemies as possible in the shortest amount of time. I suggest getting all the zombies into a huge group, and then grenade them all. It will raise your combo meter quickly.
You are probably thinking "Why is this guy putting Reloading in his guide? Its not very important." Well, when you reach the higher levels, it is so important. When you beat a level, you might be low on health and ammo. Go to the nearest item box and get ready for the next level. I advise that you dont grab an item box during the middle of a level unless you need ammo or health immediatly. Instead, the best thing to do is to finish a level, and then before the next level starts, grab as many item boxes as you can. This will replenish your health and ammo to get you ready for the next level.
The Devil Fireball
As you know, the devil fireball can be a real pain. But, you can use it to your own advantage. You can get near a devil and then start running near him. He will shoot fireballs at you. When he does this, run behind another enemy and the fireball will hit him instead. The fireball isnt very strong as you other weapons, but it can come in handy when you are low or have no ammo left.
[i]Need anymore help with this game or another? Go to my profile page and leave a comment about which game you are having trouble with and what you want to know. If I can help, I will let you know.

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when i get shotgun rapidfire i usually get surrounded by zombehs and BOOM 30 more multipliers LOL oEIo

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This helped me until later levels, but it's more fun than anything.

Between rounds, there's enough time to lay down a wall of 'splodey barrels around the exits. Until a devil comes, all the zombies will be trapped. This allows an extremely quick muliplier gain when it runs down for whatever reason.

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nice guide i will try it thxs =)

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The uzi is fast, so it will shoot them down before they get a chance to shoot fireballs at you.

Actually if you fire demon (or zombie) with any weapon, its get stunned and cant to anything for a short period of time...
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and if you get hit, you are literally stunned

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