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GemCraft question,

Posted Jul 16, '08 at 10:43am



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Despite the fairly thorough instructions in the game, one thing yet confuses me more than halfway through the game. What exactly is hue? Both gems and monsters have it, but is there some sort of relation between hue (of gems) and:

Amount of components?

And what is it for monsters? Are gems of the same hue super-effective, are they immune to them, or is it a different use of the same word?

Any assistance is appreciated.




Posted Jul 18, '08 at 12:56pm



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Posted Jul 18, '08 at 2:42pm



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I didnt pay much attention to the hue of those gems, not really important actually. Let's just say 2 gems with the same colour and same grade but different hues will have a very slight damage output difference.

I've never combined two gems of different colour before, unless i'm using them as a gem bomb of course. Combined gems are also weaker, for example, a grade 2 pure red gem is definitely stronger than a grade 2 red-green one. I dont think there's such a thing as immune? Well, try and use a gem bomb if there is! lol hope that helps.

I've completed the game with a score of 340m, not exactly high compared to some over here. and i'm still trying to figure out how the top scorers managed a score of 2 billion.. But at least you can be sure i'm not a beginner and crapping to you. lol cheers.

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