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Awsome free rider track

Posted Jul 25, '08 at 1:01pm



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hey guys play this track mad by airdude123

-18 1i 18 1i n4 1i,n0 j n0 1h,mu 1i mm 7b 15f 79 15o 1f,mt 1l oq 1u mo 3g op 3l mj 4p oq 50 mo 65 pg 60 o6 7b,15h 1p 134 26 163 3m,15h 3o 136 47,134 47 15f 5a 133 5n 159 74,q2 76 qh 61,qh 60 r0 78,rh 74 sa 68 ss 6v,ti 73 u3 68,u3 66 uo 76,v6 76 vv 66 10f 7e,11a 7d 11u 5p 12l 7e,-1s -4r -1q -3d -11 -3d,-1p -48 -m -4b,-1r -4s -q -4s,-1 -4s -f -4n -2 -3r -m -3k,s -4u 6 -4l b -3u u -3u,18 -3t 18 -4v 1j -46,15 -48 1i -4d,1v -4c 2d -4e 29 -56 1n -56 1u -3i,2k -5b 2l -3o 38 -3o,2m -4m 39 -4o,2k -5a 3h -5b,-1c -2u -1d -26,-1o -34 -p -2q,-i -33 -j -27,-k -2h -4 -2h,-4 -31 -4 -26,d -33 d -27 p -27,g -2o o -2n,e -30 p -3g,16 -3d 15 -2d,15 -3g 1n -31 16 -2h,21 -3a 21 -2l 2b -2l,2a -2l 29 -3a,2h -39 2h -2j,2h -3b 2s -2m 2v -3g,3f -3g 36 -3c 3a -2s 3l -2t 3c -36,41 -3j 40 -2u 4b -2v,3v -39 4f -3a,3v -3j 4f -3j,4h -2u 4j -3j 4p -31 4u -3p,1g2 1o 1uu 21,1m7 -9m 1m7 -2c 1jr -2e,1u8 -9q 1ts -2l,1ts -2p 20c -2l,1k0 -2j 1k0 -e 205 -2 20a -2l,1jt -g 1l7 1n 1mn -b 1o0 1l 1op -g 1pp 1s 1qj -9,1ql -i 1rn 1n 1sa -g 1t8 1p 1u5 -7,1ua -b 1v3 25,1v1 25 1vv -e,1lr l 1mn 20 1ng e,1og 5 1oi 1l 1pc g,1qc 0 1qn 20,1qn 1n 1r0 g,1rs 7 1s3 20 1sh 5,1te c 1ts 2j 1uf 2,1m9 -9m 1us -9h,15c 78 1nu 7o,1fq 1b 1g9 1q,1nq 7n 1v4 bb 28a b4,289 b5 2gt bt,2gt br 2go gc,2gl ga 2js g9 2gq et,2go et 2jp el 2gj dl,2go dk 2k6 d3,2k6 d1 2gn c7,2u7 f9 2rn g6 2tv gr,2u7 f6 2rs el 2u7 e5,2u7 e1 2ru d8,2s0 d8 2u9 cj,2ub cj 2u2 go,2gk g6 2gl oe 32i ok,2u2 gj 2tt jp 2s9 j5,2s7 j3 2to ir,2tp ip 2s7 i9 2u2 ho 2sb gq,2sc go 2u8 gg,2gb gl 2jk h6 2gd ik 2jc ja 2gb kf,32c oh 3jv on,1nn -8f 1ni -7c,1n3 -7c 1o8 -7c,1nd -8d 1oj -8c,1p7 -8i 1p2 -7c,1p4 -8d 1pv -8d,1p4 -7r 1q4 -7u,1oj -6t 1od -5t 1p9 -62 1pc -70,1p4 -4p 1o1 -4p 1o1 -3s 1os -40,1ph -3s 1qe -56 1qj -3n,1qj -4d 1pq -4f,1r2 -3n 1rd -56 1rm -3u 1sp -67,3t9 n1 3qj n1 3t8 o2 3r2 oj 3tb pc 3ra pr 3u9 q7,3t6 n1 3ug n1 3u9 q8,3kl uc 45e vb,45d vb 4dq 148,4dp 145 4rd 15g,4rf 15f 4sb 153 4t6 14m 4u6 147 4vb 13p 50c 13e 51k 134 52o 134 53r 13b 554 13n 56n 149 582 14p 59h 159 5b1 15r 5ck 16b 5e7 16e 5ft 16c 5hm 165 5jh 15t 5lc 15l 5n8 15d 5p5 154 5r2 14q 5sv 14h 5ut 147 60p 14i 62l 158 64g 160,64g 15u 6h0 16h,6h0 16a 6qk 16h,6qk 16d 75s 16i,6pu 16d 6ri 159,6vn 16f 6ud 157,6rj 15a 6uf 157,75j 16i 7ou 16f,7a5 11b 7a0 13m,79v 13m 7b8 11g,7b0 11f 7cd 13q 7d4 116,7a2 11a 7dd 113,7af 128 7b7 13b,7b5 13b 7bu 128,79l 199 7a0 16i 7b7 190 7bu 16a 7cs 19e,79g 197 7cp 195,7a7 11b 7af ur,7am uo 7dq v2,7dn v2 7cv 12d,79j 199 7af 1bl 7de 1b5,7dd 1b5 7cf 186,7d0 11j 7dc 13j 7f1 11j 7fl 13c 7gt 111,7c9 19c 7ed 16i 7g2 1a0 7hm 16o,7hm 16n 7j3 19f,7op 16d 84l 16f,84k 16g 8lf 163,8hf 12q 8a7 17m 8i4 13j,8hd 12q 8j9 11j 8i1 15u 8i3 13j,8ar 177 8j1 129,8ie 124 8i8 153,8ii 15v 8kf 158,8j6 164 8je 16e,8kf 15b 8j9 16e 8io 15n,91h 16g 9g5 16h,923 16f 8sh 11k 8nu 17d,8o0 17g 8nc 11m,8nc 11h 8kj 16h,8kd 16k 926 167,8v9 19v 8os 11r 8kb 1c1 8v2 1a2,8qv 1ci 8tv 12f 91h 1ci 8qv 1ci,8is l1 8lr re,8lr ra 8pb lg,8p9 l6 8u3 r2,8u3 qv 91h l2,8iu l7 91f kv,8ns n0 8p3 pi,8p4 pi 8rp nd,95j 17u 931 183,a03 1b3 a02 16k,a05 1b3 9s5 1b1,1ng 8s 1l0 9h 1n7 ak,1n4 ak 1jj bf,1nv 8d 1nh bh,1pa 96 1of bs,1pa 9c 1rd ac 1ot d3,1or d1 1oa b7,1t9 at 1sh dt 1uh bk 1uk e9 203 cd,1ir b7 1v5 fc,38a pp 358 qr,356 qr 36t t2,36q t4 33u tj,39a pp 38u v2,3b9 pu 3b2 tt,3bc pu 3di po 3d2 tt 3ao tv,3en pm 3eq tg 3fj qu 3gh tq 3hp pj,34q v2 3gh uo,9ma 1c7 9mm 1di 9n7 1f1 9o8 1ga 9pg 1he 9r0 1id 9sk 1iq 9u0 1iq 9vf 1ik,9s5 1b0 9sc 1bt 9sv 1d2 9tk 1dv 9uh 1en 9vm 1ev a0n 1f0 a1k 1et,9ve 1ij a0d 1ij a1d 1ik a29 1ik,a2b 1ih akc 1io,a1i 1ev ajh 1et,aab 1eu aaf 1fh abd 1et,a1s 1f0 a22 1fa a30 1et a3a 1f8 a42 1ep a4i 1f8 a5b 1er a5p 1f8 a6o 1em a76 1f5,a7b 1f7 a8e 1er a8k 1f7 a9d 1et a9r 1f0,aa5 1f3 abe 1ef,abg 1f0 abs 1fh,acj 1fa ade 1eo,ade 1ep ae8 1f8 aep 1eu,aer 1et afd 1ff,afi 1fc agd 1f0,ago 1eo ah7 1f3,ahj 1f3 ai4 1eo,ai7 1ej aif 1f0,aik 1f8 ajc 1ej,ajf 1et ajh 1f2,a3j 1l8 a4s 1jh a5k 1kr a66 1im,a69 1iq a71 1l8 a7r 1l0,a6n 1ju a76 1jr,a64 1iv a7g 1iq,a8j 1ll a8m 1je,a8m 1j9 a97 1ks,a8o 1ki a9i 1kf,a9s 1jh aaa 1kp ab4 1kd,abo 1je acr 1kn,adh 1jf abt 1ls,aen 1jf aep 1lb,ae7 1j4 afi 1ja,agb 1iv agg 1lf,afu 1jr ahm 1k2,ahg 1j0 ahj 1ll,ai0 1j7 aie 1ls aj8 1li,ai7 1ka aj5 1ka,ahv 1ja aj8 1j5,ajr 1j2 aju 1lg,ajm 1iv akd 1jk,akv 1j2 al1 1lq,al1 1li alv 1la,al3 1ka aln 1k7,al8 1j9 amg 1jc,aka 1io aqs 1io blj 1ii,ajh 1er aqt 1ep,9g0 16i 9gt 178 9hq 17t 9im 18h 9jm 198 9kg 19r,9k9 19j 9kr 1a6 9lb 1ap 9lq 1bf 9m8 1c5,a03 16m 9t4 18g a01 18d 9sq 199,9so 199 9vr 1au,a01 16k a0v 16k a11 1b0 a00 1b0,9io 12g a1e 12b,a1d 12b a0u 174,9in 12g 9k4 145 9ne 12c,9ng 12c 9qs 14h,9r5 14d 9t2 121 9ua 143 a16 12c 9vd 14c a1b 150,a18 150 9vd 15b,9vc 15b a1g 16j,9iv 12h 9jq 105,9jq 103 a1i 10k a1g 12r a14 174 a1q 11p a1i 10a a1a 142,98m 16n 98m 194,97p 16f 99p 16f,97r 173 99g 173,9bc 174 9bc 18m,9bc 182 9ck 17o,9ck 16u 9ck 18m,9dc 174 9dd 189 9e8 189,9df 17g 9e3 17g,9dd 178 9ed 171,99q 19a 9a6 1ak,998 19a 9at 199,9av 197 9av 1a3 9br 1a3 9c0 18j,9c4 1ac 9cc 19c,9cc 19a 9ct 1a8 9d5 18o,9d7 1a7 9d7 19a,9d7 197 9dk 19u 9e1 18r,9e1 18q 9e1 1a3 9ek 19u,9du 19h 9ei 199,9ds 18o 9eq 18r,9f4 18l 9fb 1a5,b6j 1ii b7i 1ii b90 1ia bag 1hr bbr 1h8 bd9 1gf ber 1fi bge 1ej bi1 1dj bjk 1ch,bjo 1ci blk 1iq,chr 1ov cs7 1oq,blf 1ii ci1 1os,bli 1ip bso 1d3 bvs 1kt c7o 1f9,c7m 1f7 c9l 1n1,ca9 1n6 cfh 1i0,cfg 1hm ch8 1oq,ce8 1j6 cd8 1h3 cc7 1iv,cc5 1iv cb0 1gu,cal 1gj c9s 1i5,c9q 1i5 c8p 1fv c7i 1i1,c3i 1i1 c3k 1fl,c3n 1fo c1a 1gr,c19 1gr c12 1et,c12 1es bv9 1ga,bv9 1g7 bul 1e4,buk 1e3 bt5 1fb,bqe 1ej bpb 1dg boa 1et bn0 1dd blq 1el,blb 1eb bl8 1d0 bjr 1ed,cjl 1qr cs1 1os,cjn 1qt ch5 1on,cs3 1os da3 1os,d9e 1e1 d9j 1is,d9j 1iu d0f 1iv,d0d 1iv d0a 1e4 d9d 1e0,d0g 1it d0g 1jp d1l 1iq d27 1k8 d2v 1j4,d2v 1j2 d3m 1jt d4p 1j0 d51 1jt d63 1ir d6j 1jt d7e 1iv,d7g 1iv d85 1jk d8e 1it,d8h 1iq d95 1je,d95 1jj d9d 1it,cvm 1te cvm 219,cvi 217 dak 20v dal 1sv cvd 1tc d0f 1qn,d0f 1ql d1o 1th,d1l 1t9 d40 1qn d4m 1st d69 1qu d7c 1t0 d8e 1ql,d8e 1qk d9a 1so da5 1qk daf 1t2,da3 1ot dja 1p0,des 1qa dce 1r1,dcc 1r1 deh 1sc dbl 1sv,dfb 1q6 dfa 1rv dh7 1rs,dh2 1rs dh1 1qk,dgd 1qb den 1qi,dg9 1qb dh2 1ql,dg1 1un dfs 1so,dfu 1ud dhj 1uc,dfq 1sm dhr 1t0,di4 1sg di5 1un,dio 1sc diu 1u3,diu 1se dk6 1se dk0 1tr,djk 1tu dif 1u0,dm1 1s7 dkl 1sb dlt 1to dkb 1u0,dmp 1rn dmr 1tr dns 1to,dmt 1st dnr 1so,dmm 1rq don 1rq,dj8 1p2 du0 1p5,dtv 1p3 ed3 1ot,dpk 1gh dpb 1is dqg 1il,dpa 1hu dqn 1hp,dpi 1gi dr4 1gh,drm 1g3 dtc 1in,drm 1io dth 1g0,duv 1g3 duq 1i3,dui 1i3 e06 1i6,dud 1g3 e0e 1gd,dui 1i3 du6 1i6,e1k 1g5 e1p 1id,e14 1g2 e38 1g0,dr9 1jg e0j 1j9,drb 1jg drb 1kr,dr9 1kr e0o 1kf,e0g 1j7 e0h 1ij e2h 1jl,e0l 1kf e0o 1l2,e0o 1ku e2k 1jl,ek0 1p1 emc 1p1,eof 1os epv 1op,erm 1p0 eu0 1op,ede 1ql edk 1p6,edk 1p5 ee7 1qg,eif 1q3 eij 1p6,eij 1p5 ej2 1q3,enh 1pv enf 1op,enf 1on ep0 1qe,er2 1q1 eqs 1ok erj 1qj,ef6 1qb efh 1ps eg4 1q3,ekt 1q6 elo 1p3,em0 1pa enp 1qg,ept 1q3 epq 1pf eqk 1qb,ess 1q1 et6 1p8,et6 1p7 etv 1qp,eg1 1ov eic 1p0,evu 1qf ffn 1q7,f12 1qo f24 1rf,f2k 1qt f1c 1si,f3d 1qm f3c 1sd f4k 1sd,f3c 1qo f4n 1qm f4k 1s3,f5l 1qk f5i 1s8 f6o 1s1 f6l 1qj,f80 1qp f7o 1s6,f80 1qp f8i 1s0 f93 1qt f98 1rs,f9p 1s3 f9q 1qt fad 1s0,f9s 1rr *** 1ri,fbb 1qe fb1 1ru,fbb 1qe fbt 1rn fas 1s0,fcm 1qr fcr 1s5 fdp 1s6,fcr 1rm fdp 1rd,fck 1r3 fdp 1qr,f64 1sq f67 1ub,f59 1tv f79 1uh,f5d 1sk f7o 1sv,f9k 1ss f9b 1ub,f93 1sl fai 1su,fbe 1si fb6 1tq,ffg 1q9 fsh 1qa,fsf 1qb gbk 1qa,gbi 1qa h21 1q5,h1t 1fv gvi 1hb h1t 1hj gve 1ih,gvd 1if h23 1it,h20 1it gvg 1kb,gve 1kb h1p 1ki gvg 1l8,gvd 1l6 h20 1m9,h1p 1g1 h3p 1g6,h33 1q6 h1p 1q8,h3s 1g8 h3s 1d5,h3p 1d5 ggp 1d6,ggm 1d4 ggp 1g8,ggp 1g6 h1v 1fu,ggo 1g8 gh2 1ho gj1 1fr,giv 1fs gjn 1ib gl5 1g3 gm8 1hi gn6 1g5 goe 1i1 gph 1g1 gqc 1hn grk 1g1 gsp 1i4 gu4 1fs,gu6 1fs gv4 1hj h0a 1fs,gj3 1tk gji 1qq gkv 1t4 gmk 1qv gnp 1st gpt 1qn,gpv 1qk gr2 1ta gt3 1r6,gt3 1r1 gu9 1u0 h07 1qn h1l 1u2,gip 1th h1i 1tt h31 1tt h31 1pu,gib 1us h45 1v5,h31 1rq h1v 1qi,h1p 1qi h2b 1tt,gfq 1up gj1 1un,gg0 1uk gg7 1ta giq 1tf,gge 1t9 ghk 1rl gid 1tm,gn0 1dq gnl 1du go8 1e6 gog 1en gns 1f3 gn2 1f8 gm8 1fa gld 1f5 gkl 1eg gkc 1dp gla 1dt gm6 1e3 gn5 1e1,gno 1d3 goh 1dk gpc 1e7 gq3 1en,g3t 1jr g4c 1mk,g2s 1mb g5r 1ma,g2o 1jm g6l 1k9,g71 1jc g71 1ma g8b 1m6,g74 1l0 g8e 1ku,g71 1jg g99 1jl,g9f 1ml ga5 1j1,ga5 1it gb6 1ms,g9u 1l5 gbb 1l5,gcb 1j7 gce 1m6,gbk 1jc gdm 1je,gf3 1j6 ggf 1kr,gh9 1j6 gff 1lu,ght 1j6 ghs 1lh,gho 1lf gj9 1la,gi1 1j9 gjc 1j9 gj2 1lh,gkn 1j4 gkf 1lc gln 1la glp 1id,fn6 205 fnq 1s9,fnq 1s8 fpg 206 fq2 1qk,fsn 1rp fs1 20d,fsp 1rq g13 1sg g0r 20n,g0m 20n frs 20b,g3l 1ri g4m 20f,g2l 1rq g65 1rk,g8g 1ra g8e 206,hbg 20g j16 218,h33 23n h4i 1qm h6i 247 h7p 1r9 hat 24b,h2n 23j hb5 24f he4 23v he0 20g,h2r 23b gts 22r guc 1ul,j1t 223 j2r 235 j3p 24a j4l 25k j5d 26o j6e 27v j7k 296 j8q 2aa j9q 2b9 jb3 2ca jcd 2d6 je0 2e5 jfq 2f1 jhm 2fm jjk 2fv jli 2g0 jnf 2fs jph 2fd jrg 2en jt9 2dv jus 2d5 k07 2cc k1e 2bi k2j 2an k3q 29q k55 28v k6e 282 k7g 274 k8d 266 k9b 254 ka7 245 kbi 23b kcq 22q ke5 22e kfj 22d kh3 22k kio 235 kkg 240 km9 251 ko3 263 kpt 273 kro 281 ktj 28u kve 29v l0q 2aq l2m 2bt l42 2cp l5f 2dj l6s 2ed l8o 2ff la6 2g7,la6 2g7 lc2 2gg le0 2ge lg0 2ga li0 2g0 lk1 2ff lm1 2er lo1 2e4 lpv 2de lrq 2cl ltk 2bs lva 2b0 m0v 2a4 m2g 296 m3r 286 m51 279 m62 26g m7i 26f m92 270 man 27t mce 28s me6 29p mfv 2an mho 2bq mji 2cu mld 2e4 mnb 2f5 mos 2fp mqe 2gd mrv 2h0 mtg 2hj mvf 2hi n1d 2gr n3c 2g8 n5d 2fs n7e 2fh n9f 2f7 nbg 2eu ndh 2em nfh 2ee nhi 2e8 njd 2e6 ngv 2ej ne5 2f3 nba 2fm n8e 2gd n5p 2h2 n3e 2hm n18 2i9 n36 2ia n5b 2i2,n5b 2i2 n6v 2ho n90 2hc nap 2gv nca 2gl ndj 2gc neu 2g3 ng1 2fs nh3 2fk ni1 2fe nhf 2gn nft 2ha ne8 2ho ncd 2i3 nah 2id n8r 2im n7b 2iu n5s 2j5 n4f 2jb n2s 2jf n1a 2jf mvv 2ja muk 2ip mtp 2i4 mt2 2hf,nmo 2ef nof 2ec nqb 2ef ns4 2eh ntl 2ej nuv 2el o0a 2en o1d 2ep o2f 2eq o3d 2er o47 2es,njj 2k2 njl 2fk nks 2jf nl8 2fi nme 2kb,neu 2i6 njq 2k0,nm3 2kb nr8 2ef,o48 2er o8t 2nd oiu 2nk,ooj 2fd ote 2fb p1q 2o4,p21 2o2 pb8 2o7 pfh 2g2,pfh 2g6 pni 2g8,pni 2g4 qj6 2fk,n0 k ho 1i,1fo 1b 1et 1n 1fr 2d 1ga 1o,1f3 17 1ga 2b,1fa 2b 1gh 12,1fp 11 1fo 2o,1es 1q 1gk 1o,9fq 18k 9g3 19s,cal 1gk cb4 1h5,j12 218 j21 228,o7s 2lg o8h 2m0 o99 2me oa6 2n4 ob0 2nf,ogo 2nj ohg 2nf oig 2n4 ojj 2mg,oit 2ni oje 2mr,ojd 2ms ojs 2mc okb 2ln oks 2l2 old 2kd om0 2jl omg 2j0 on0 2ib oni 2hg oo8 2gd oom 2fg,p0u 2m8 p1h 2mq p26 2n9 p30 2nn p3p 2o2,p99 2o7 p9t 2o2 pag 2np pb2 2nf pbj 2n1 pc2 2mk,qrk 2fi qvu 2fi,qjb 2fk qrp 2fh,qk6 2gn qkb 2i9 qlp 2i8 qlj 2go,qmk 2gm qmo 2i2 qnn 2gp,qnn 2gn qo1 2i3 qom 2gf,qpa 2gl qpc 2i7 qqc 2i8 qqb 2gf qp7 2gk,qr5 2ia qr9 2ge,qr9 2gd qrn 2ib qrt 2g2,qvu 2fh r4g 2fg,qvs 2fj r1e 2ee r42 2ee r4g 2fh,r4g 2ff r4h 2eq r4r 2fg,r4t 2fh r5b 2et r5r 2fi r6a 2et,r6a 2es r6j 2fm r75 2eo r7e 2fk,r4p 2f9 r4p 2ee,r4p 2ed r58 2fa,r5f 2f6 r5s 2ed r6b 2fa r6n 2ee r6s 2f9,r5m 2e4 r4v 2e9 r5t 2dj r51 2dk r63 2d8,r5u 2d6 r4r 2cr r6f 2cf,r6d 2cc r4p 2c6 r6j 2bt,r6k 2bq r5p 2e2,r7f 2fi r4g 2fi,r1g 2ej r1g 2fi,r2d 2en r20 2et,r1u 2et r2c 2f4,r2c 2f3 r1p 2fe,r2h 2en r2h 2fc,r2d 2en r2v 2en#2mg d2 2mg hh,2op d5 2op h7,2mh d3 2os dc,2op h0 2op hj 2q3 hj,2me hf 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2eo,S q4s 2eo,S pur 2ev,S ppk 2fb,B 4e 16 e5,O q9 1s,O qb 2d,O qb 2j,O q9 3b,O q9 3g,O q9 45,O q9 4e,O q9 4r,O qb 1k,O qj 1i,O r2 24,O r9 2e,O rh 2q,O rm 36,O rm 3t,O rk 42,O ql 4r,O qg 4u,O tg 1d,O tb 1q,O tb 2i,O tb 3e,O tb 40,O tb 4j,O t0 57,O td 5a,O u1 5a,O tb 1f,O tp 1f,O u9 1f,O 10a 26,O 10f 3m,O 10f 4e,O 109 53,O 107 5f,O 10a 5k,O 10p 5i,O 11i 5c,O 10j 3t,O 10k 3v,O 10u 3v,O 11c 3v,O 11m 3t,O 100 1v,O 10j 21,O 107 23,O 10f 1u,O 10r 1u,O 11c 1v,O 11i 21,O 10f 28,O 10h 28,O 10j 2e,O 10k 2s,O 10k 34,O 10j 39,O 10h 3q,O 115 5c,O 115 5c,O qj 1f,O q7 2i,O q2 2t,O q1 3b,O t3 4j,O qr 45,O r5 4a,O r9 4a,O r4 44,O sp 57,O sn 57,O si 57,O s7 57,O s2 58,O ta 15,O t8 15,O t0 15,O sn 16,O si 18,O sa 1a,O 10e 4p,O 10c 4h,O 10c 44,S 8lk vu,S 8nl vf,S 8r1 um,S 8p4 uf,B ag3 1id e2,S blv 1a9,S bnc 196,S bnv 18o,S bpc 181,S bs6 171,S bua 165,S c0j 15o,S c3k 15m,S c5e 167,S c8h 170,S ca8 17u,S cbi 19g,S cdc 1ap,S cg6 1c6,S cgo 1dn,S cjr 1ft,S cku 1i1,B ebt 1od bg,B ekn 1or bj,B eor 1op ba,B esj 1or 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Ehh ok, not terribly good.

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