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What about Silverlight?

Posted Feb 13, '08 at 8:30pm



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Has anyone considered producing games in Silverlight using Xaml and .NET?


Posted Feb 15, '08 at 7:03am



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I'm currently working on a game for the Silverlight framework.

It's called 'Diver'. More info on it Farseer Games

Silverlight 2.0 will be coming out in a big way in March. I think over the next year you will see a lot of games being built for that framework.

I'm anxious for portals like Kongregate to start supporting it.


Posted Mar 27, '08 at 12:24am



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silverlight is cool because you don't need to program games in actionScript
i am DEFINANTLY going to use silverlight when i get it (it's like $700) i'm waiting for IronPython to be improved, so i can use that.
i love python....

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