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Posted Aug 18, '08 at 7:37pm



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Club chills is a very new club that me and a friend made yesterday. Club Chills is one of those clubs you just...well just chill out. Were totally based on having fun,topics include anything like if you would just like to chat with friends or chat about songs,games,movies,etc. We have only 7 members but we are also getting increasingly noticed at the moment... We have a ranking system thats put there just to make Club Chills a bit more interesting and to make you have goals... You gt points by answering trick questions on my tests ill be posting every once and awhile...Inviting new friends,Suggestions on how to make Club Chills better,etc. A few rules include no spamming or bad language. You must ask to join this club its very simple just check out my profile and ask,same with inviting your friends. I hope you,ll like it. ^_^


Posted Aug 18, '08 at 8:02pm



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k cn i get in when 50 more ppl join?


Posted Aug 22, '08 at 3:53pm



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Not the appropriate section for a club 'advertisement'. Please keep in mind that you should post threads in a relevant forums. Thanks!