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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN AUTO AND A TRACK: An auto is a free rider 2 map where you do absolutely nothing except watch the screen. a track you play yourself, and it has difficulties.

in this section, please put what vehicle to use.

i thought it would be a good idea to seperate the autos from the tracks, so here is mine.

-1s s -m 6s,50 1kq 50 1m2,50 1kq 42 1lo,-5u 2bk -50 2fm,-5u 2t4 -4c 2to,-42 36g -26 36g,-a 3c4 a 3ea,bs 4jg de 4ke e2 4ko,se 61e qs 61e,r6 63k ua 66o,10g 672 vi 61o,11o 6ei vs 6fg,tc 6mm ua 6le,pu 6rm om 6rm,ku 6ts ka 6t8 k0 6su,ku 728 mq 73g,r6 786 s4 786,vs 7dg 11o 7cs,uk 7gk v8 7ga,q8 7mi pk 7mi,pu 7q0 mg 7qu,bi 912 bs 91c,do 9g2 d4 9gc,3o ah6 42 ah6 4c ah6,-4m b5g -1s b5g -18 b5g,-4m b5g -5a b5g -76 b6o -au b9i -cg baq,-cq baq -h6 bbo -ka bbo -qs bbo -tm bbe -10g bbe -114 bbe -11e bb4 -11e b9s,-cq baq -cg baq##T -11e bb4

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maybe you should tell yours is for the mountain bike...

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oww nice topic

1st : u can play both mountain bike and heli in this level

Moutain bike: easy
Helicopter: VERY Hard

-18 1i 18 1i,13 1n 1s 1v,2j 28 3d 2g 48 2j 52 2h 5q 2a 6l 29 7j 2e 8f 29 97 1q 9o 16 aa d ba -8 cc -m dk -15 f0 -1c g1 -18 gr -j hj 5 il k jk m kf 8 l4 -f li -1a,og -32 pu -2q r7 -2g sk -27 u3 -24 vl -25 118 -27 12r -25 14g -1v 161 -1i 17c -v 18k -6 19o o 1ao 1m 1bs 2k 1d9 3c 1er 3s 1gf 45 1i4 46 1jn 3v 1l1 3f 1lv 2p 1lt 1t 1n0 1g 1nv 1s 1ok 2l,le -12 m0 -1k mn -26 ng -2j oe -2q pa -33,1hi -14 27l -14,2bu -17 2ks -53,2bv -1b 2c6 22,250 4l 22v 3v,24o 6m 2jm 6m,278 -e 278 17,26p m 278 1c 27l g,2j7 6q 2kd 6d 2kv 5s 2le 4j 2lj 3b 2kl 2b,2kj 2b 2im 1b,2ii 15 2fn -s#27v -73 295 -4o 2as -7g,295 -4r 290 -c7,2d4 -43 2he -7o,2d4 -5s 2cm -3n,2cr -3h 2fs -4i#G -8c -1u 7h,G -8h -3s 8p,G -76 -56 93,G -5h -69 9q,G -3b -6u ae,G -1d -73 as,G p -70 3,G 2s -6r b6,G 53 -6o b8,G 79 -6f b8,G 8q -5r b6,O 173 -qs,O 18b -qs,O 1a3 -qp,O 1bl -qs,O 1e0 -qq,O 1e7 -qu,O 1ec -qv,O 1em -r3,O 1f7 -r1,O 1gn -qk,O 1gs -qg,O 1nj -qd,O 1mt -qf,O 1lv -qb,O 1je -qf,O 1hn -qf,O 1l8 -qa,O 1oj -n1,O 1oa -om,O 1of -l5,O 1oj -it,O 1om -gk,O 1om -fk,O 1oo -dh,O 1om -ah,O 1ou -8b,O 1ot -8l,O 1ot -9u,O 1ot -b0,O 1ot -c9,O 1or -d7,O 1op -e7,O 1ot -fd,O 1ou -gn,O 1ou -gn,O 1q0 -81,O 1pp -8m,O 1pk -9j,O 1pf -ak,O 1pa -bg,O 1p7 -c9,O 1p3 -d2,O 1p0 -ec,O 1p3 -eo,O 1p3 -ef,O 1p7 -dl,O 1p3 -cj,O 1p3 -bn,O 1p3 -b1,O 1p2 -ac,O 1p0 -9o,O 1p0 -94,O 1ou -8h,O 25p -m,O 25d -c,O 251 -6,O 24c -2,O 23u 1,O 239 d,O 22m n,O 222 17,O 21o 1l,O 21g 2a,O 219 30,O 211 3p,O 211 4a,O 21e 51,O 21o 5e,O 22l 62,O 234 69,O 243 6q,O 24d 6t,O 2ih 72,O 2ih 74,O 2ih 7c,O 2ie 7p,O 2if 80,O 2iu 8c,O 2jn 8m,O 2k8 8m,O 2kk 8m,O 2kn 8m,O 2lg 8f,O 2ll 8d,O 2lv 7t,O 2lv 7k,O 2lv 7a,O 2mc 6o,O 2mg 6b,O 2mj 62,O 2mh 5q,O 2me 4v,O 2me 4i,O 2mh 46,O 2ml 3s,O 2mo 38,O 2mm 2r,O 2mm 2f,O 2mm 2a,O 2mq t,O 2mo 1g,O 2mq b,O 2mo -6,O 2mj -r,O 2mg -1m,O 2mb -2m,O 2m4 -3d,O 2ls -46,O 2lg -4t,O 2l9 -51,O 24k 3c,O 26e -l,O 23e 5t,O 26e -br,O 26t -ch,O 27b -dd,O 28m -db,O 2a1 -db,O 2bb -d8,O 2ch -d1,O 2dh -cd,O 2e0 -c3,O 2f1 -be,O 2g3 -ag,O 2gv -9j,O 2hq -8l,O 2iu -7d,O 2jr -67,O 2ka -59,O 1r2 -69,O 1qi -70,O 1q6 -80,O 1pk -8p,O 1os -8k,O 1op -7n,O 1op -70,O 1or -65,O 1pk -7i,O 1pi -6u,O 1pk -7u,O 1pl -6a,O 1pf -6k,O 1pi -6k,O 1p6 -8l,O 1pd -8a,O 1pb -7n,O 1p8 -78,O 1pb -6h,O 1pb -5o,O q6 -6q,O mj -6o,O nv -6l,O lm -5v,O h6 -3s,O eu -44,O df -3v,O bm -42,O a8 -4k,O 7p -q,O 6h -q,O 5c -u,O 44 -u,O 2s -s,T 2in 5j,G 1pc -1t 5j,G 1pd -30 5j,T el -22,T m9 -2k,T 24r -25,G 1pf -4e 5j,O 1i7 7,O 1ji j,O 1ko 10,O 1lv 1f,G 156 -39 2p,G d72 2ra 39,G ckr 2iu 3m,G bk8 2ar 2p,G aqr 240 43,G a1n 1rq 4j,G 943 1j9 4f,G 82q 1cc 3v,G 74j 143 39,G 4s3 fv 3a,G 3rg 80 38,G 2rn -u 48

2nd: it's only for ???

???: normal

-18 1i 18 1i,-77 -1 -74 48,-73 48 -73 4p 66 5i,9c 5g 9c -17,-cg -ac fk -af,d6 -b8 dv -b6 en -b1 fc -ao fv -ab gh -9o h7 -94 hv -8l ip -89 jp -8d kt -8s lr -9i m9 -am mh -bo n6 -cn o5 -de pd -e4 qs -ep sd -f8 tn -fh,sf -ft t5 -fl tr -fl uj -fj v9 -ff 102 -fa 10q -f8 11l -f4 12e -eq 135 -ee 13r -du 14k -de 15r -d8 177 -d8 18n -da 1a3 -d8 1b3 -cu 1c2 -cf 1cu -bu 1ds -bd 1f0 -ar 1gd -a9 1hl -9s 1iu -9m 1k4 -9t 1ko -al 1kp -bn,-cl -bi -co -4t,-dh 7o 2q 7o,63 5g 9e 5g,-d4 7p -k5 7t,-h3 3s -hh -hv,-hu -ff -hs -g5 -i0 -h6 -i1 -i8 -h7 -iu -g7 -j3 -f0 -j7 -dp -jh -co -jo -bg -jq -ac -jn -9d -jj,-9v -kl -9c -k9 -8p -jq -88 -ja -7l -io -72 -i7 -6e -ho -5p -hc -4m -h9 -3d -hd -24 -hl -r -i6 e -j0,d8 -b6 co -aq,co -ap c9 -ai,sf -fu s0 -fe rh -f1,1q9 -fe 1qa -63,1qq -7o 1jt -1e,1jr -1c 1jm 72,1qi -f6 1or -na,1p0 -n8 1ok -ns 1od -oi 1o7 -p9 1o3 -q2 1o1 -qo 1o1 -rh 1o3 -s7 1o8 -st 1oj -to,1oh -tq 1p3 -u1 1pp -u8 1qf -uf 1r8 -uf 1s0 -ub 1sp -u9 1tr -ul 1v0 -uv 1vu -uq 20r -uh 21p -uh 22m -uv 23p -vh 24n -vj 25h -v3 268 -up 26t -vd 279 -105 282 -10h 28s -104 29v -vg 2b1 -v6 2bu -va 2ck -vv 2d7 -10j 2e6 -10b 2f8 -vu 2gc -vk,2g7 -vk 2gu -100 2h7 -10p 2hc -11j 2ho -129 2ij -11k 2j6 -10r 2jo -10c 2kc -10r 2kt -11n 2li -12g 2m2 -12t 2mh -124 2n1 -11c 2nh -10o 2o2 -104 2ol -vi 2pp -v5 2qt -uv 2s6 -ur 2th -uq 2ul -uu 2vm -v7 30l -vr 31o -10o 32o -11o 33m -131 34c -149 34t -15m 358 -175 35f -18m 35d -1a2 34v -1be 348 -1ch 339 -1db 328 -1du 316 -1ec 300 -1eo 2uj -1f9 2t8 -1fj 2rp -1fr 2q8 -1g1 2ol -1g5 2n1 -1g3 2lk -1fs 2kd -1f9 2ji -1ei,2jj -1f5 2j9 -1ef 2iv -1dn 2ia -1ct 2hi -1c7 2gl -1bu 2fs -1cm 2f8 -1ds 2eh -1ep 2dl -1f1 2cs -1ea 2c8 -1d3 2bl -1bv 2b6 -1b1 2am -1a4 29s -19o 29b -1aq 28t -1c0 285 -1d6 272 -1dk 264 -1cv 25e -1bs 24n -1ao 23u -19j 237 -18e 225 -17r 20t -18p 1vn -19o 1ub -1af 1ss -1as 1rd -1au 1q8 -1ai 1p4 -1a1 1o7 -19h 1ni -18q 1n5 -181 1m5 -18d 1m2 -17b 1mi -16l 1lh -16u 1l6 -17n 1k8 -17g 1jf -16s 1j3 -166 1ic -16q,1gi -16f 13b -18b,1je -tp ul -s6,13f -18a ve -187,uu -se i4 -11c,vj -185 m2 -17p,hl -11e 5d -114,ls -17t 40 -16l,5d -10v -a -11j,-k -11j -eh -13r,45 -16e -ej -17o,-n4 -1ad -mv -kr,-n4 -19n -fr -1bq,-hb -5m -ie f,-jh 7v -k6 82 -kt 83 -ln 7q -mh 7c -na 6r -o8 6a -p6 5q -q1 5a -qs 4s -rn 4d -sg 3t -ta 3a -u1 2o -ul 24 -v7 1g -vo q -103 1 -10a -o -10e -1j -10f -2f -10m -3h,1gf -16c 1k4 -17m##G -mi -14s 5k,G -k5 -16g 5k,G -lp -16v 5k,G 355 -186 8e,G 34k -16q 8f,G 33b -15b 8d,O 1fl 30,O 1h4 33,O 1it 30,O 1fa -35,O 1fn -4b,O 1gb -5q,O 1gb -6t,G 1lp -3k 9b,G 1me -4n 96,G 1p2 -6l 98,G 1nt -5o 95,G 1k1 -cd 2q,G 1jg -d1 2q,G 1jk -ds 2q,T 1jq -ci,T -b3 -bm,G -55 -g5 5j,O -h0 42,T -i7 6i,G -fb 4k b8,G -f8 5h b5,G -f6 6n b6,O 8g 7g,O 92 6v,G 26 61 2q,G 28 6s 2q,G -ak -9c 5k,O k8 -1c,O 1c2 -9q,O 1d2 -ad,O 1gt -7n,O 1ho -8d,O 1i7 -98,T 1bg -bo,T -i 5p,T -5s 3e,G 7s 2n b7

3rd only for ??? (my favourite level i ve ever built..)

???: quite hard

-b4 3 -d6 2 -es 6 -gl f -ig r -kd 1a -me 1j -ol 1b -qt o -t7 -1 -vl -q -12b -1h -158 -22 -18a -2d -1bg -2f -1ep -2e -1i5 -2b -1lj -2f -1p2 -2t -1rd -3a -1to -3r -202 -4e -229 -51 -24l -5p -26g -6e -284 -70 -29r -7f -2bf -7k -2cu -7k -2ec -7e -2fu -75 -2hm -70 -2jh -72 -2ld -7b -2na -7k -2pc -7o -2rf -7p -2tj -7m -2vn -7g -31d -7e -335 -7f -34u -7k -36o -7r -38j -83 -3ag -8b -3cf -8h -3ee -8k -3ge -8k -3ie -8g -3ke -88 -3mf -80,-3mf -80 -3oi -7q -3qm -7p -3sr -7t -3v0 -86 -416 -8i -43d -8v -45l -9d -480 -9q -4ac -a5 -4cq -af -4f9 -an -4ho -as -4k8 -b0 -4mo -b1 -4p8 -b0 -4rp -au -4ua -aq -50r -am -53f -aj,5o cn 6h cq 7b cp,84 cm 90 cd 9u c3 ak bg b6 ap bm a3 cj 9b dl 8q eu 8c fp 86 gm 88 hr 83 ij 7g il 6m io 5v j2 5a jp 4r ko 4b lu 3r mv 3b nq 2n of 20 p8 1k p2 2g p2 34 o7 3o nd 45 me 4h ld 4t ki 58 jo 5g it 5u i4 6d he 6v go 7j g1 86 fc 8l,om 2d pd 1v,ot 2b o7 2g,oj 2p ov 26,ob 2h ou 21,o1 25 oq 1p pe 18 q0 p qj 9 r5 -6 rj -m s5 -17 si -1n tb -1g u6 -1e v1 -1o vp -1r 10b -2c 10k -31 115 -3h 11f -44 11h -4r 11s -5m 12g -6a 134 -6l 13m -6s 14c -6v,5j ab -9l al,80 ai -6 an,8a ch -bq e1,13l -6b 1mc -65,1lp -64 2d8 -94,2do -8l 2co -g3,2dm -9j 2d2 -8t,148 -71 14m -6j,-5d 8p -40 aq,-bn e5 -ci ei -dc f1 -eb fr -fc gn -go hf -i1 hu -jg i7 -l2 ia -mj i5 -ns ho -p5 h1,-p4 h0 -pm gh -qe g8 -r9 g5 -s7 g6 -t3 g8 -tv g6 -up g3 -vn g1 -10k g2 -11i g3 -12a g5 -131 g5,-12s g2 -1op go,-1or h0 -1pg 9l,-1n2 fh -1f3 f6,28 -18 -1l -15 -1n 3p,-1m6 ff -1lh fd -1ks fa -1k7 f0 -1jg ek -1ir e8 -1ht dj -1gr cs -1fn c7 -1ee bi -1dl b9 -1cl b8 -1bj b6 -1ak b5 -19k b2 -18l av -17m ak -16p ac -15q a7 -14p a4 -13q a0 -12g 9n -115 9d -vl 92 -u1 8u -sk 8t -r4 8u -pi 8v -nu 8v -m9 8u -kh 8r -ip 8n -gv 8f -f8 83 -dk 7h -c6 6r -at 68,-at 68 -9g 5m -82 55 -6k 4j -5e 40 -4a 39 -3e 2k,-32 -6v -ih -6v,-37 -6q -1m -15,-3o 30 -3a 22 -32 2r -2q 1q,-2q 1v -2e 30 -26 1j -1q 2o,-if -7v -jc -7l -jd -6u -jq -67 -kb -5m -kv -5b -lm -5g -mi -65 -ng -6k,-hu -8c -if -7u -ip -7a -j2 -6j -jc -5q -jn -50 -k3 -47 -kk -3j -lb -3a -m4 -3n -mp -4g -na -5h -nu -6h -oo -7g -pq -8i,-pc -87 -pi -8u,-53b -ai -568 -av,-568 -cb -50a -e0,-52c -b3 -50v -an,-52d -b3 -53b -ag,-50c -du -4ne -fg,14l -6i 155 -6c,14q -6g 15r -5v,us f4 1ae f4 1ae 83,ut f2 ll 4m,1ab 87 1kk -64#14k -h5 14n -e3,15v -go 161 -eg,14d -fj 169 -fb,18u -gm 180 -ha 164 -g4,166 -g4 172 -eb 18k -e8 18r -hh,19n -hp 195 -e3 1bj -du,1dh -gt 1ct -da,1co -h5 1fs -gm 1fi -dn 1be -df,16q -d5 1df -d5 179 -ao 1e3 -aq,18m -c0 1bt -bm,1jp -a9 1h7 -dd 1je -dd 1h1 -bc 1ka -bh,1qs -fl 1mq -fj 1mv -c0 1qa -bt 1qd -dn 1oh -dk,1rn -fj 1rb -bt 1u5 -c0 1uc -g2,1uf -g2 1rl -fj,1vp -e3 26d -e3,20b -ev 1v5 -e3 20v -d3,206 -h7 208 -g2,1vp -hf 21e -hc 20d -gj 219 -fv,21b -ft 1vu -fj,22c -hp 21g -ft,227 -i3 240 -fo,22c -gr 23f -h0,25p -i3 244 -i2 244 -gv 249 -g1 25m -g1,26m -i7 26p -gb,286 -i5 26r -h2 28q -fs,198 -7h 19p -6e 1ad -7k 1b4 -6f 1bq -81,-t4 m0 -qt iq -q2 m7 -o9 il,-n0 iu -oq m7,-jl je -lp j3 -n6 k1 -ng lu -lc mc -ji m7,-id ip -j3 mc,-j6 j9 -fc hu,-iq ko -h2 jo,-ip lt -ge kj,-ej gr -el je,-el jd -e4 gp -en gt,-el k2 -f2 k9 -f2 kl,-f1 kq -el kr -ei kc -f1 js,-b9 2t -c2 6b,-c7 3m -b7 25 -ab 3h,-91 -80 -4q -7v,-80 -8a -99 -7r,-93 -7q -7h -72,-l0 -89 -kv -44 -k0 -62,-ku -44 -m6 -62,uo -3i u4 -46 tb -49,t9 -49 sq -3n uc -2p,uc -2n u7 -2a te -23 ss -28 sl -2p,sb -t sb p,t4 -t t4 f,sb -2 tl -e,um -t tl -r to 2 uh 0 uj -10,v0 -10 vf -4,vc -9 108 -9,10d -1k 10i -j,10d -1m 11b -1r 11b -r,11d -r 10d -m,to a 10p -4 u4 1n,u7 1n 11l 18,ur u 10i h,10d -20 10f -1f,si 2b sf 3j,ro 2l t3 2m,tb 2h tf 37,tb 2e tk 3h,ug 29 ui 3k,tk 2t uo 32,v1 24 v7 3e,uv 2g vm 27,vb 2r vv 2o,v9 3a 105 34,10o 21 10m 34,10o 22 11f 2v,11k 1j 11d 30,tb 3u sd 42 sm 5g tp 5b ti 4m t3 4m,tv 3u u3 5d,u1 42 v2 43 v4 5b u1 5d,vr 3t vt 55 117 50 115 3f,11n 3f 11s 4r,11f 3c 12p 35 12s 3t 11u 40,i 7a 1g 82 a 8t,1d 82 -1r 7q,3j 3h 83 3e,7c 2m 85 3e,6v 4i 8i 35,113 fg v6 fc v9 g5 10u g2 10u h0 ut gt,11a fc 11a gp 12n go,13e f9 12g fc 12u gk 13t gk 142 f9 12u fb,14c fb 14m gp 14v fb 15c gr 15k fb,162 fc 15r gt 170 gt,17q f9 18l fv,19b fc 17a hc,19l fj 19h gp,19e hd 19h h7,-607 -ib -5sc -4j -5pf -j6,-5pc -j4 -5k7 -60 -5hl -h8,-6dk -ha -6mj -hd -6n7 -di -6ef -d8,-6na -dl -6of -96 -6ed -9j,-7fe -h5 -7je -8v -75t -8v,-83c -i3 -8b6 -9b -816 -91,-996 -ha -9gh -8d,-9bt -h0 -90b -gp -94l -ao -9go -8l,-a2d -il -9np -il -9rf -8q -a81 -8n -a2i -in,-b6b -9e -b2e -km -aso -9c -apk -jt,-bjn -iq -bvo -j2 -c1u -dl -bkb -dq,-c1p -dl -c52 -8t -bmc -97,-d0s -ne -d1s -dl -cu2 -op,-d11 -mt -ctg -no,-d26 -c4 -d3h -bs -d3t -aa -d29 -ad -d11 -cl,-d16 -cj -d2j -c4#G -54c -bt 8e,T -52l -c1,G -qa -6q 5h,G -p8 -5g 5k,G -pf -7g 5i,G -l8 -2b 5k,T -ic -60,T 1k bo,T -1nq g2,G -85 4p b8,B -1jf dn 1e,B -1lk g9 8e,B -1kd g2 8f,B -19n fc 8e,B -1du fl 85,B -1h9 fr 8c,O bi -e4,O 9e -eg,O 84 -dl,O ek -e8,O h9 -f7,O k7 -gk,O m6 -hd,O op -ib,O sh -j3,O vv -je,O 13c -js,O 7g -bh,O 6p -ar,O 61 -9q,O 4t -8d,O 3q -78,O 2e -5m,O 1b -4b,O u -3a,O n -25,O -2e 43,O -44 4g,O -5k 5j,O -2v 4b,O -4r 54,O -5s 66,O -6i 75,O -6v 85,O -76 9a,O -76 9v,B 2c6 -a3 86,T 283 -9f,O 7h b9,O 88 b6

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