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1 2026
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What did you think of this game?Here is my review.

The loading is quite short which I think is good the shorter the better I guess.The main menu could be better I guess all it is is the writing the title of game and a helicopter in the sky it could be alot more designed I think.Pretty good game I think but you shuld be able to see yor people and the opponets team aswell.It is very easy aswell I think it should be more challenging but somehow it is simply addicting.I thought it was good it was very fun so I guess I'll give it 8/10 and faved it.It should be better though!

I have a couple of suggestions for the game

~Have a better main menu
~Able to see the people
~Have it more challenging
~Needs music

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I think the same as you the menu isnt well planned out and it needs to be more challenging....7.5 anyway

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