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the funnyest thing

Posted Aug 24, '08 at 1:09am



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write the funnyest thhing thing that ever happend to you and rate how funny the person above yous story is

mine is when i was runnig from my dog teaddie the ground was wet and a ran to the door and turned around and teaddie faced me and silid into my moms window and got back up and fell and then chased it was funny


Posted Aug 24, '08 at 7:29am



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you should really go to grammar school


Posted Aug 24, '08 at 2:27pm



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lets seeee

one time i went to get a burrito wiht acredit card but they didnt ecept credit so i went to a gas station across thestreet to use their atm but it was broken so i went to a food lion to get cash back butthe ppl in front of me were on welfare and had to much stuff so the kept puttin stuff bck and bck menawhile their crack wor lookin duahgers goin "jesus christ momma u makn us look stupid"..... in th end i got money back then got a borrito


Posted Aug 24, '08 at 2:36pm



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people learn grammar!

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