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Someone writes a sort of diner:Food, Drink, Sauce, Dessert, Bread.The next person says yes, no or im allergic to that.
If he says Yes, you write another diner for someone else.
People might be grossed out of you or lave.
If no you just write no and do nothing else so soon therer gonna have someone that is gonna say yes!
If you write im allergic to that build another diner so the
next person must eat 2 diners or he leaves.
Here are the stuffs that your not alloud:Nuts,Almonds,Fish.
K so lets start with this!
French Fries, Beer, Ketchup, Vanilla ice cream and French Bread. Plz no extremely gross stuffs like worms and fish sauce...EEEWWW!!!

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No, I don't like beer at all.

Now do I make a dinner? If so...
Steak, Banana Milkshake, A-1 Sauce, Cheesecake, Dipping bread.

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