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Periodic Poetry Contest - Theme: Touch of Truth (Page 390, due Jan. 28)

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Posted Aug 22, '12 at 10:25pm



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This is going to be crap, but whatevs... For the contest!

A Soldier's Life

Sword versus flame,
Fire versus fame;
A fight to one's death,
Fierce 'kin to Macbeth.

I am a magician,
I am a swordsman;
I train in martial arts,
I train in the hearts.

I live a soldier's life,
Yet my heart is in strife;
How I desire to be free -
This be my decree:

Stop with this madness!
Stop with this Hatred!
You are no better than the other,
Yet you live to smother...

I am on a fortified chain;
I am used for these human's gain;
Release me into the wild,
And let me live: a spirit child.


Posted Aug 26, '12 at 12:14pm



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Apologies one and all! Work is the devil I swear. However, fear not, I shall have all judging judged with suitable judgements hands out most judgedly as I am a judge of judgely quality! Tonight then dear, dear fellows!


Posted Aug 29, '12 at 3:15pm



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3rd Place: nichodemus

Inuendo! A well constructedd poem, and a clever use of words. A nice touch with the references to historical duels of honor and what have you. Overall this work is a fine piece to read for some amusement with a solid rythm to it. Well done nicho.

2nd Place: Parsat

As always your work leaves me wishing I could break away from my love of T.S Eliot and other postmodernists and have a bit more structure to my substance. However, the poem was beautifully written. Didn't exactly thing of China when I read it though. Overall an excelent demonstation of theme and poetic structure.

1st Place and Winner: Uysername

Your poem was remarkably well written. The scope of your poem made me feel as if it were a mini-epic. There we hitches here and there, but nothing of major note for me. I was very much invested in your story that you weaved. An outstanding use of theme and various poetic devices. Please continue submitting in the future.

Now! On to other things! The next theme will be.... Writer's Choice! I have never run one of these rounds and I would like to very much.

Writer's Choice is simply a free for all without any given theme by the judge. Those entering my write about whatever they wish so good luck! Due date: Saturday September 8.

Note: The end of Writer's Choice his will be my last round as judge as laid down in the new rules about judge rotation. I have not heard anything definite from any other of the potential judges. Therefore, if you would like to judge please contact me. If I do not know you from of old please detail why you are qualified to judge. Should no one contact me I will continue judging.


Posted Aug 31, '12 at 12:24pm



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Just this once, I think I will yet again play the medieval note, since it's worked so well for me.

I promise that next time I won't do anything middle ages-related ;.


Thee thus deter thine righteous path
Ammended, still, thine thoughts alaft
And moping brash lest you seclude
All that you once swore to elude.
It's call to war; it's call to blood!
T'shall lo and awe, thine path's asought
And harken forth; thine trusted blade
Shalt thrusted be in throat of knave;
So shalt be dealt, asought demise
To brigands, thought themselves more wise,
Enrighted by them baseless strife,
So are you sworn; rob them of;
......their life.

And then said thief contending near:
His eyes, a well of hopeless fear.
You thrust your trusted sword within
And commit murder on your kin.
And charge for he's ungripped his sack,
But naught but food came rolling back.
Your eyes, a well of hopeless fear:
The thief's children are also near,
They sigh and cry and whine to thee,
They want thine death, and you agree;
For in thine quest for senseless crime
Thou never asked thineself: but why?

Alas, another brigand close:
His eyes deep red, his sword arose
Him in a battle ready pose
"Step back at once!"
The brigand said
"Or I'll be cutting down yer head!"
And then you looked down upon thee
And then looked front back up at he:
A poverty stricken man of the land
Who's bravely taking a ****ed last stand.
"Go on, so, cut me to the bone
'Tis only then I may atone!"
The thief stood back, confused, distraught,
By thy sudden lamenting taunt.
Alas, just then and there, you bow
Expecting just the final blow...

It didn't come. You were alone.
As both the thief and children gone.
And seeing as your hate was nigh,
You settled down, began to cry.


Posted Aug 31, '12 at 11:50pm



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My girlfriend and I just broke up... So yeah.

Hey there,
You seem a little lonely.
Why dont we walk for awhile,
And take strides to forget the past?

But how foolish of me.
For that would require an effort
On your part,
And you have none to spare.


Posted Sep 1, '12 at 2:34pm



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I have posted this poem before on the theme "map to perfection". i have revised and rewritten it a great deal, and now I think that it is ready for a second chance. some aspects are very subtle, such as the reference to candles in the ground. when someone dies, people often light a candle at the memorial and put it on the ground. as I was saying, subtle. watch out for those. but as was introduced, the moment you've all been waiting for, here's....
Juliet is Dead

paradise was hard fought
then burned to a mound

heaven sank to hell
candles in the ground
they found

an angel with a voice
the way of peace she taught

perfect light
perfect shadow
perfect sound

as dawn subsides to day
perfection flew away

everything has demons
devils in that way
to betray

but some angel
will be found

perfect light
perfect shadow
perfect sound

but in that short time
she was the light itself

light without flaw
but not without it
inside herself

light without shadow
is a song without a sound

perfect light
perfect shadow
perfect sound

perfection flew away
as fringe subsides to fray

as the poison touched her lips
perfect light, perfect kiss

no more

nothing is perfect


Posted Sep 1, '12 at 10:30pm



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My guiding light,
My protector,
My lover,

Yet she is not,
Always running away.

The touch of her lips,
The scent of her hair,
The glimpse of her eyes,
The linger.

Fleeting moments, always in sight,
Never in grasp.

I catch her hand,
I draw her close,
I look into her,
She spins away.

Once again gone, it matters not,
She'll always be mine.

Not quite sure where I was going with this, sappy romance movies apparently create some sort of inspiration. Ah well, we'll see.


Posted Sep 2, '12 at 11:24pm



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Scratch my prior piece. This is the same message, but a different tune I guess.

Taking the Stage, Sonata #5

Baby, don't you love me?
Darling, please don't hurt me.
Honey, you can't leave me!
Still you just turn and walk away...


It's allright, I'm ok.
I don't need you any way!
It's not like it was love.

Don't worry, I'll be fine.
All of my friends are around!
You won't even be missed.

Well, I'll prob'bly feel fine in awhile.
Well, I'll prob'bly forget about her.
Well, I'll prob'bly move on in a bit.
But when?


Oh my God, what is this?
Why are you angry with me?
For was I not faithful?

Oh my God, how could you?
How could you let my love end,
And take her from my arms?

Well, how long must you punish me?
Well, how long must I deal with this?
Well, how long must pay I for it?
For her?


Listen now, hear me out.
Listen to what I propose;
I promise that it's good.

Oh don't go, please don't go!
Why must you cast me away?
Why cant we just be friends?

Well, I thought that she'd see I'd changed.
Well, I thought I could buy my way back.
Well, I thought she could never say no.
To me.


It's over, it is done.
I will never love again!
For she's ruined it all.

Misery, how I cry!
I can never move along!
So I guess it's the end.

Well, never again will I smile.
Well, never will the sun shine down.
Well, 'Never!' says my breaking heart!
To her.


Have no fear, I'll move on!
Even though the pain lingers.
But I'll still think of you.

Watch me leave, watch me go!
And head out all on my own!
Though you'll still walk with me.

Well, all good things must come to a close.
Well, all good things taste so bittersweet.
Well, all good things float off on the breeze.


Slowly, I will go on.
Kindly, comfort whispers.
Fin'ly, I'll have closure.
And then I'll turn and walk away.


Posted Sep 3, '12 at 4:45am



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I Need Sleep
A Sonnetina

If I could write the weariness I feel
Into a blur of mishing-mashing lines,
I could not hope to separate the real
From floaters in my slowly fading eyes.
My arms are weak, my muscles fully slack
With profound numbness past that feeling point
Where consciousness begins. In holding back
No healing comes to brains spilled, out of joint.
Though all my matter raves delirious,
My mind is all the more imperious.


Posted Sep 3, '12 at 5:13am



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Caressing her sculpted curves 
Laughter tinkling with silvery mirth,
As she coyly and softy murmurs, 
Sweet nothings in hushed whispers.

Dimmed the subtle romantic lights,
Sun's orange glow welcomes our Night,
And the curtains came running home,
Our loft bedecked with silk and chrome. 

Seductively stroked your cool neck, 
Quickly without decorum or tact,
Flung your thin drenched dress away,
Let the connoisseur have his way.

Kissing your sensual lips,
Not a protest, splendid dear,
As I tilted back and took a sip,
Of that heavenly cold beer!