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First, I will post the overall rules, and then I will post the specifics about this week.

Original rules, as stated by Ubertuna:

It must fit the week's theme.
It must be submitted by the deadline.
It cannot have inappropriate language in it.
It cannot be stolen (if you plagiarize, we will find you).


The poem must be created for this contest
A user cannot win two weeks in a row (though everyone is welcome to submit every week!)
Only one submission per user will be accepted

As we all know, the winner will recieve a merit, and their poem will be featured on the _Poetry_ page.

OK, on to this week's topic...Again, we are having a style instead of a theme. Also, this week we are having TWO WEEKS to do it, instead of the usual one. Why? Because this will be an EPIC poem. Or, rather, a parody of an epic poem. Generally, epic poetry is very long, and tells the serious story of a heroic figure. Well, this week, the epic figure is YOU! Write a long poem (I'll leave the definition of 'long' up to you, but give it a good go) about the heroic story of you! It can be silly, serious, whatever... just have fun with it. You have two weeks, so have a great time!
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I want to apologize for my untimeliness. I've been fairly busy, and AG has been on lower priority until I can get my stuff straight. Still, I owe you all a judging as well, and a time to get the contest moving along. There were quite a few new faces, as well as some old faces.

I also want to reiterate the rule that you must have written the poem for the contest. If you had a poem you wrote previously fitting the theme, you may modify it to better fit it, but please don't just submit a poem you wrote before. This is to keep it fair for all. Besides, chances are you'll be able to find a way to improve it.

Let's get started:

Wood: Hahiha

Hiding behind a rock, panting,
Listening to the loud trumpeting
Of the human faced lion,
Blood red creature
with most insane feature
A dot on the horizon.

A derisive grin, and beneath,
Three rows of pointy sharp teeth.
The feline follows your track
Through desert's sand
While in your hand
Ebony amulet shines black.

Drawing your sabre, finishing your prayer;
Of your resistance's futility well aware.
Can't run anymore, can't hide anymore.
Come out of your hideout
and give a loud shout
But freezing fear deep in your core.

Both man and beast now storming,
Manticore's voice roaring,
Looking deep in the eyes
Of that bearded old face
Causer of the chase
Lightened up by sunrise

Suddenly, the creature raises its tail
Throws it at you, and then stands still
You feel a sting, notice a skewer so frail
Planted in your chest, hurting, until
You finally stop, drifting away into death
Overwhelmed by the Manticore's poison, cursing him
With your last breath.

You get the most unusual mythical creature award for the Manticore...glad you went out and found an epic creature like that. You had a good sense of tension, although it was a bit long to be very effective. The vivid setting and weariness of the pursued before his death made up for this shortcoming, though, so I think overall it was a pretty well done job.

Silver: CrossViper

Someday I'm gonna wake up
where it's cold, dark, and red-
just when they don't expect it,
just when they can't correct it,

so excited, you're invited
to this buffet for the fed.
When we uprise, just to surmise,
we'll be waking up un-dead!

We don't know what to call it-
maybe Z-Day or Z-end,
"Zomb-pocalypse!", with moaning lisps,
is what the horde had said,

but while I was munching flesh
from a body my hands did rend,
I declared it,"Zombie Revolution,
hang on to your head!"

I love the humor in this one, that kind of reckless, "flipping the bird" attitude to the zombie apocalypse. It starts off dark, but builds up to a macabre enjoyment. Touches like the "Z-end" pun really made this poem.

Gold: iMogwai

The dragon roars, his nostrils flaring.
The tail flailing and eyes glaring.
The roar echoes through the valley like thunder.
Waking the townsfolk from their slumber.

Raises his head, stands tall and awe inspiring.
His nostrils glow of a fire never tiring.
Then, a roar, sending chills to every spine.
His breath sets fire to grass and pine.

Villagers, filled with fear and anger,
Quickly claim that this dragon is danger.
But I ask you, give him a chance, please,
For even the mighty dragon will occasionally sneeze.

The buildup was very well done, and I liked the humorous punchline. I suppose we're not so high up in the food chain after all. It satirizes human subjectivity, how we seem to judge all things nonhuman as subhuman, when in fact they may be just as or more human than we ourselves are. So congratulations, please contact a mod for your merit.

The next theme, Crossroads, is inspired by a very famous poem by Robert Frost, "The Road Less Taken." All though it's quoted much too often and even misinterpreted, I still recommend you read it because in it's core, it's good poetry. Of course, you are still free to take the theme anywhere you want. Happy writing! The contest deadline is February 5.
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I believe it's actually called "The Road Not Taken". I can see how one might be confused, though.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

Anyway, I'll see if I can join this one...there's obviously the "two paths" way to go, but I'll try to get something a little more unique.

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Ah, my memory serves me badly. Thanks for that correction.

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Had to memorize that in 7th grade...

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.
And sorry I could not travel both.
And Be one traveler, long I stood.
And looked down one a far as I could,
To where it bent in the undergrowth.

Something... Something... Something...

O! I saved the first for another day,
Though knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

Congratulations iMogwai; I thought your poem was quite humorous. And Congratulations to all those who placed, and for those who didn't: Keep working at it!

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I wasn't submitting my poem for the contest anyway...I wanted critique actually. Sorry for the confusion

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That's fine. I didn't judge your work because it was overdue, but I'll gladly critique your work. You're also encouraged to start a thread for your own poetry work, if you'd like to stay around our AMW boards.

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Hmmmm . . . *is totally gonna hope to enter next round*

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Time We Never Had

Where have you gone?
Down some dark deserted drive that trails ever on?
Into the lost light that lives among the grey gloom of the night?
Into the black shadows that hide hideous things from sight?
I wander aimlessly from place to place
Clutching at the phantom image of your face.
It withers and strugles to escape my mind's eye,
As if all I have said and done, has come to hurt you, and make you cry.
But, still, through this cramped crowd of peerless wanderers I press,
My heart is a shallow thing, I must confess
For, ever in my heart I ponder one night so long ago,
When I heard you whisper the word, "Angelo."

These half made streets that I walk
Forever hear the heels of my soles go tock, tock.
And it seems to me that all else has faded,
And into this monsterous, onerous ocean, I never waded.
But still my heart bears the scars of our last parting.
How we fled the grand places! So young and swift, so darting.
In the night we made our home
And so we passed out days on the grassy loam. we spent those days.
Alas, now it is all a haze.
A haze...a haze...
How I yearn for those sun filled days.
Where we could count the blue birds by song,
O a beautiful escape from the city throng.
Ah the places we went!
Now the seem so broken, so bent.

In these latter days I have come to questions,
Not by any virtue of curiosity I assure
But, by my own actions I must concure,
With whole stately manner in this affiar,
I have begun to wonder, "Did you ever care?"
For, it seems to me that you have led me blind
And into dark places where I have no hopes in which to fine
The way out and back to you.
No way out and back to those places I once knew
And not in ten score years
Shall I ever find a more hated place than these empty fears.
This wandering of empty streets
Amid grey fog, purple fog, red fog, black fog, and endless sleets;
A ceaseless search for one so lost,
I fear my sanity may be the cost.

The cost of which I must pay
To find once more a brighter hope, and light of day.
While the drum beats roll on and on
I ask myself edlessly, "Where have you gone?"
How long have a combed these coridoors?
Glancing at old and worn barred doors!
Only to prowl these long lost streets
With a broken mind and weary feet,
It seems so drear in the end.
I was once told, "Drink is your only friend,"
So silence sighs in the face of all hopes and dreams.
Which slowly give way to endless screams.

Ah, but where am I now?
I smell the salt and tang of the sea,
Is this the place that has called to me?
Is this the place where you ran and hid?
And with a cruel cold smile that did
In truth reveal those wicked fangs.
Is these where all of man hangs?
The sea.
The sea that has cried out to me,
And bid me come ease my worries in its waters,
To forget the names of sons and daughters,
To let go of all I hold dear,
And place my mind far from fear.
My fears of those emoty street I once tread
The sea softly tells me, "They are dead."

A knife to the heart to be sure.
For this disease there is no cure.
No cure in which to make me whole,
I've given my heart, mind, and soul
To the sea.
To you whispering voice,
"No god was I! I had no choice,
But to submit to my wicked ways."
The days, it seems are in a haze,
O such a lovely haze I do recall...
But now that summer has faded into fall
I must go where I am needed most,
And as it slips away I offer this one last toast:

O give me your thoughts and fears!
O give me your worries and cares!
I shall take them away, across the sea!
Please do not weep, for you cannot follow me!
But, at last, alas, I go to the sea.

Ah, the tost has been given,
The streets now cleared,
And away I shall sail.
Away...away into a brighter day.
And now I realize I have given
What was not mine to give.
O, but smile sweetly for the world,
Cherish these moments we never dreamed.
As I whisper on my sailing shipe.
Alas, my life has finally brought me
To the sea.

You weep away the sunset hours
Though the sky is clear, you bring showers.
You weep, you say, forevermore,
Until heartless sea devours the shore.
But my dear, my love, my friend
All that lives must come to and end.
Fear not death or passing time,
It is not a punishment for some long forgotten crime.
Hold our memories in a secret jar
The, you'll know, I shall never be far.
But know that I love you forever
From the bottom of my crimson heart.
You left me, and I you.
Yet, never did, and never shall we bid

This poem tells the story of two lovers who have parted ways, the man, grief sticken falls into a madness in which there seems little escape. He ever wanders his old haunts and the places he remembers where he and his love visited in hopes of finding the joy and happiness that he once knew. However, these attempts fail and he eventually ends up dying from his grief.

The woman led the man on to believe that he was still loved, for a time, before turning her back on him completely (3rd stanza). Yet, upon the man's death she realizes she has made a mistake, and yet it is too late to change the past. However the last stanza is the voice of the man's ghost giving his love one last farewell as she contemplates suicide. In the end their love did not die.

The crossroads in life are many and varied, and they do not always intersect when we wish them to, or they come when we wis they didn't. Unfortunately we cannot keep the things we cherish the most no matter how much we might wish it. I wrote this poem almost three years ago thinking I knew what it was about. I realize now that I only now have come to terms with only part of the themes within this work.

And yes, the explaination is important.

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The Crossroads of La Malhora

My life was so boring and dull.
I had nothing at all to do.
I wondered how to make it full.
Suddenly, one day I knew.

There was a very special train.
That takes you through the world and time.
Deserts and mountains, winds and rains.
This idea was so sublime.

So, with the attendant I spoke,
and quickly enough I did learn.
They would let in all sorts of folk,
the chance didn't have to be earned.

But there was a small catch, you see.
You could only ride the train once.
Just once, in all eternity.
I thought naught of it, like a dunce.

The attendant also explained
that the doors only opened at
crossroads on this one special train.
Then I boarded, and that was that.

There were several others I met
on the train, folks from everywhere
All of them had seen nothing yet.
And strangely, they seemed very scared.

I asked what was wrong, they wouldn't tell.
I felt fear begin to creep in.
I wondered, is everything well?
Dark nightmares haunted my sleeping.

Like the others, I stayed inside.
Wracked by nervousness and worry.
From something, I would try to hide.
Crossroads approached, slowly, surely.

We arrived at the first crossroads.
For a moment, I was unafraid.
The doors slid open that were closed.
I took one step, but then I swayed.

On the crosssroads stood a figure
horribly scarred, and clad in black.
Terror gripped me; stiff with rigor,
I could not move, could not go back.

"It's La Malhora!" came the cries.
"She will appear at a crossroads
when someone is about to die!"
In me, oh! What terror she sowed!

Slowly, La Malhora approached.
I found my strength, and ran back in
before she crushed me like a roach.
I slammed the door, and caused a din.

I felt my head rush, my heart pound.
I swore never to leave the train
unless to exit to safe ground.
Outside, was lovely falling rain.

All about, beauty surrounded.
At each crossroad, I hid, eyes shut.
For fear La Malhora's around
to claim my life with one last cut.

Other passengers looked and saw
the beauty and the history.
But I saw La Malhora's maw,
I saw her coming after me.

After seeming eternity,
the train fin'ly came to a stop
Now the ride was over for me
With joy, out of the train I hopped.

Then I realized I saw nothing
I could have seen beauty, felt joy.
But chose fear over everything.
My one chance, I let fear destroy.

Then I recalled, to my chagrin
I'd never have that chance again.
We've no choice, she comes after all
But it is our choice what we do
Before we must heed La Malhora's call.

From the plains to the midnight sun
I chose to look the other way
I've made my choice, now it is done.
My life over 'fore it's begun.
On that special train, on that special trip
I stood before crossroads in more ways than one.

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so ok then i've understood the basics but where should i post.(i'm new to all of this)

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so ok then i've understood the basics but where should i post.(i'm new to all of this)

What do you mean, where should you post? What are you trying to do, exactly? Join the contest?
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Please post your entries on this thread, if you have a poem to submit.

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Path to Heaven, Path to Hell

Oh, I've reached this place again
so many times before I've been
can this continue? Is it time?

I've taken that way oh so often
its seemed right, its always been
choosing that should again be fine

Yet the other way, it seems so clean
could it be better than what i've seen?
Is it better to walk that line?

Now I've no more time to spend
will sin stay strong? Or will it end?
be tamed by hurt, or make my life mine

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The path that I have taken,
Is not the one I should be on,
For I thought you were mistaken,
When you took me along.

When our paths crossed,
And I ran straight into you,
You led me till I was completely lost,
And I hesitated to tell you the truth.

I could only be in love,
If then just with my god,
But telling you it mattered,
I could see was a lost cause.

The reason I hesitated so,
was that I saw you wanted me,
If only it was just the result,
of formerly lacking good company.

I knew that if i didn't leave soon,
I would turn my back on what was right,
I wouldn't be able to leave with out hurting you,
So I knew I couldn't stay another night.

I was happy that we did meet,
But when I said you didn't need woe,
You threw yourself down at my feet,
And begged me not to go.

After our last encounter,
I just wanted you to know,
when I backtracked to the fork in the road,
I figured out I had taken the right path after all.

By time I would know,
Then it would be too late,
So I then took the other road,
The one that had become my fate.

Um... I'm not quite sure if i got this theme right, so you know, I kinda wanna know if I did it correctly.

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It's fine. The theme is a loose guideline; you're free to take it in any direction you want.

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