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Swords and sandals 2 guide needed

Posted May 31, '12 at 3:17am



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i barely use strength, speed all the way since you get both crossbow and katanas wich hit extremely well. The downsize is you always need to use normal attack or you will hit very low.
I finished it once but since i can't save when i restart i ussualy use cheats


Posted Oct 14, '12 at 4:29am



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Ok, i've got a guide now.
In the early levels,i normally balance AGI and ATTK. At the first tournament, fighting John the Butcher, it's very hard to beat him. I normally have 9 AGI and 14 ATTK(Balanced, eh?). If i level up in that tournament, i get 5 DEF. Then i stack my AGI to 17. Then i beat the Evil Ninja. Just wondering, but how can you lose to him? Anyway, i then get more AGi, getting it up to 24, and getting 1 more point in attack.
Recap for level 9:
24 AGI

Now you've got 24 AGI, which allows you to get a Longsword, doing 10-100 DMG per hit. Nice, eh? And/or you can have a ranged weapon, doing 9-81 dmg per shot. Your sigh ATTK makes it hard for you to miss. So just Range this champ, Son of Stylonius, into oblivion. If he's still alive, use that Longsword to own him.

Now, to level 12, i just stack AGI.
This gives me, and in this case, you:
36 AGI

Now comes one of the hardest champions in the game, Marksman Dauntus.
Just saying Marksman Dauntis makes my blood boil.
But with your superior 36 AGI, you can easily out range him.

Then to level 18, get 2 AGI and ATTK per level. The ATTK wil allow you to keep up with your opponents ever rising DEF, and the AGI for better weapons.

Stat recap for 18*:
48 AGI

* the level 15 champion, The Great Beast, is easy. Just range it.

Anyways, the level 18 champion, Wizard Sagan, has powerful magic and a bow that makes STR gladiators weep. But as a AGI gladiator, just survive his magic, and kill him with your superior weaponry, which is doing 16-400 DMG at this level, i think.
Now, to level 21, just stack AGI, efectivly giving you 60 AGI, which, in turn, makes you a ranged and melee powerhouse. Doing 26-676 damage in Melee? Win. Doing 24-560 DMG in ranged? Win. Either way, this level 21 champion, The Slave Driver, is doomed against you*. Preferably range it.

*If you melee him, be wary of his Ghost Strike if you attempt to retreat.

Now, to level 24, stack ATTK.
Stat recap:
60 AGI

Notice a pattern here? ALmost ignore DEF? Just do it at the mid-game levels like this; defence is invaluble! For now, your armour( which should be maxed now) and ranged combo will hold you for a very long time... even at high levels like 40+!

Now, the level 24 champion, Shpericles, is easy. Just range him.

Now, from levels 25-30, stack ATTK. Again.

Stat recap:
60 AGi

The level 27 and 30 champions, Maharaja Saeed and Gaiax, are easy. Just Range Gaiax and Out-range Maharaja Saeed. He has a bow. Just, alot weaker then your Doombolt Crossbow.

Now from levels 31-42, stack DEF. That's right. 12 levels of just DEF.

Stat recap:
60 AGI
53 DEF.

Now your stats look balanced. If you count out the 6 other stats, at least.

These plethora of champions are easy. At 33, you got that samuri guy, Daimyo Katsumodo, or however it's spelled. Just range him.

Then at 36, you got HeChaos, one of the coolest 3RDsence characters ever. Again, range him, and you should be fine. Melee him if nessicary.

Now, at level 39, your next opponent is Archfiend Zeerzabahl. Coolest name ever. AGAIN, just range him.

Then at 42, you're up against Sir Belgrave. He's a tough opponent, but your 53 DEF blocks most of his attacks, while your 63 ATTK goes through most of his Defense.

Then to level 44, get ATTK.

Now you're up against Bargle Yarg. He's tough, but try to take advantage of him while he's using his magic. Just keep power attacking him, charging ihm if nessicary, and he'll be downed in a bit.

Now, to level 46, get DEF.

Stat recap:
60 AGI
61 DEF

Now comes one of the hardest fights in the game, Archangel Sandalphon. His AGI weaponry is more then parraell to you. It's the same weapons you have, but he's got more strength then you. So this will be a battle for the ages. Also, take advantage of the AI here, seings he casts 4 Adulations in a row. Walk up, Power/normal, depending if you're feeling lucky, repeat. After this good fight, and after you come out the victor, pat yourself on the back; you earned it!

Now, at levels 47 and 48, get some STM( Finally, eh?)

Stat recap:
60 AGI 71 ATTK
61 DEF

NOw, comes another really hard fight. You V.S. ...


Yes, really. Yourself.

Now, seings you have the exact same stats, this fight boils down to luck, really. Seings you have 1 Vitality, which is a whopping 20 extra hp, you could go for a power attack crit, effectivly killing yourself. But he could do the same.
Neither one could range eachother, due to you/him being able to walk/jump over to you in a turn. If you both got a ranged weapon, it'd come to luck pretty fast. So this fight is luck.

Now, after that epic battle, do a victory dance.

Now, from levels 49-50, the stats don't really matter.
You could get command with magicka, more HP(But it'd be useless seings it'd leave you with 680 HP, so Antares could crit you and kill you in one shot.),more stm.... but, personally, i'd get ATTK and DEF.

Now, the final battle.
You, a mighty gladiator, V.S. Emperor Antares, almost the best gladiatior in Swords and Sandals history.
The only one greater?

Now, Antares has the best stats ever.

Antares stats:
Strength: 60
Agility: 60
Attack: 60
Defense: 60
Vitality: 60
Stamina: 60
Charisma: 60
Magicka: 60

ALL of his stats are 60. Wow. Seems hard eh? He is.

He also has the best armour in the game, totalling to about 1670+ armour. But he has a Automaton Shield... weird, eh?

And he also has the best weapon in the game.

Blade of Antares
200-800 damage, + 120 STR damage
30% chance of 800 wraith damage.

Looks OP, eh?

But you'll stay alive because of two things:

1. 61 def will be enough to block most of his hits.
2. When he uses Bloodlust, Power, power, power! Bloodlust drops your Defense by 50%. You having 71 ATTK VS his 30 DEF? You'll have a very high chance to nail him with a power attack. Just try and keep melee with him so he doesn't use a Ghost strike within the effects of Bloodlust. He does 1,000 damage with a power attack with bloodlust on. After a Molten Death and a Dire Fireball? That's going to leave a mark. Just keep melee with him, power him when he uses bloodlust, and, depending if your defense does what it's supposed to do, block his attacks, which are deadly. Especially his enchant.

And after one of the greatest RPG fights in the history of RPG's, you will have defeated Emporer Antares. Just smile as you think of all the fun you had with this game.

Ty for reading this, if anyone will actually read it...

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Posted Oct 15, '12 at 1:04pm



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P.S. I forgot that Bargle Yarg has a colossus spell. It's almost useless for him though.. it gives him a whopping 6 str(x3 str). And don't range him, either. He has 50 agi and a deadly bow(20-400 dmg, 30% chance of 400 wraith damage).


Posted Nov 29, '13 at 1:45am



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well , strength and attack/agility and attack is good...let me say that charisma , magicka and stamina is also better , i can finish the game five times with charisma , take note , high charisma , also have a high discount in weapons , armors and spells and almost 3x times damage when you taunt the enemies. my full stats when i finish that game , charisma - 120 , magicka - 24 , stamina - 20 and little bit stats to agility and defense.


Posted Nov 30, '13 at 4:56pm



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what needs to happen is a swords and sandals 6. and make the other games free.


Posted Feb 13, '14 at 12:46pm



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Easiest way is to just level charisma. You will easily taunt your enemies to death and you don`t need to buy any weapons, only armor.


Posted Aug 10, '14 at 11:40pm



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agility for the win! you should only upgrade your strength to 3. for john the butcher (first champion) you should have 3 str 9 agility 12 attack. on the evil ninja you should have 17 agi 3str and 12atk if you level up in that tourny get your defense to five. oh and at the begining you should get armour and enchant your rusty knife with 3 whatever you want. you should get peasent for everything except graves and boots get the brigand for them. continue upgrading agility to about 60 and then do attack the defense.


Posted Mar 24, '15 at 9:17pm



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Emperor Antares is super easy if you go agility!! If you branch out and put points into Magicka (I put a total of 24 so I could get the Full Armor Potion), you can get Whirlwind. That does instant grievous damage! That might not be a great breakthrough here, but the completely gamebreaking part is that you can do grievous damage with the bows!! No ammo used! Infinite range! On my playthrough, I could do 807 damage using the bow and whirlwind, and my final blow to the Emperor was with Whirlwind on the bow! And since he has no ranged weapon and his Ghost Strike was gone, he was helpless against it!


Posted Jul 12, '15 at 2:34pm



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Can you enchant a weapon more than once?

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