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Yes, my title may be mean but I wanted to declare this. I have been on Armor Games for a really long time now people. I was here before the big Earthquake in China. I was here before Clinton dropped out of the election. I was even here before TVs were made. Last wrong was a lie but I don't really care.

I have seen many topics like, Favorite INSERT HERE. It is quite sickening really. Then theirs always someone else re-making the topic! I mean just give it two minutes to find the topic. Use Control+ F if you want to make it faster. I also see topics about how you get merits, how to become a moderator, etc. Their is also the repititve repeats of old ideas that got shot down by the man, A.K.A The Armor Games staff. So I have composed a topic where you can see what you should avoid making on Armor Games or I will swoop down on you like an Eagle getting a rabbit. I have a video of what will happen. People who like rabbits, don't blame me if you hate me now.

That's right Hare. You dead.

The List of topics you need to avoid making:
Something Vs Something
suggestions already asked about
topics already made
Anything that puts me in a bad light

The last one, I will personally hunt you down like that Hare.

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If you are going to make a thread about what is appropriate to post in the forums, please make your own post appropriate. We are trying to help teach members in a friendly and mature way here. The humor goes a little overboard. And threads to hunt people down, whether it is a joke or not, don't really go in here.

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