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Armor game respect.

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Posted Sep 9, '08 at 8:05am



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So, you're saying be selective in who you respect? That's pretty offensive. You're telling people, hey respect this guy but not that as much. It's stupid - you should respect everyone, even if they are jerks (I.e. Those guys in the top 10). Don't like what they say? Ignore it and move on

Everyone should be respected equally darn it!


Posted Sep 9, '08 at 9:21am



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Absolutely. Certain members might have more clout (for example, you wouldn't want to go to someone with no merits for advice on how to get merits) but everyone should be respected equally here.
And please remember that this particular forum section is for newcomers. If they are overloaded with threads offering advice on how to do x and not do y then they are more than likely not going to read any of it.