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if you have seen the show, you will probably know what this is.

this is a FR2 game i have made where you must do the impossible track,
and beat it in the fastest time possible.

each person will sign up (20 total, sorry :P) and then post their times. i will accept no lies. and there will be a due date.

the winner (as far as now) will get to make the next track. if carlie sees this, heres a message to you:
i really want the winner to recieve a merit. thanks.
- kibble

so anyway, heres the first track. when you make your track, focus on difficulty. if you dont wanna make it, then the 2nd place will make it, and so on if they dont want to.

-18 1i 18 1i 50 1i 68 u 68 1i 68 8o qs 8o qs 7g v8 7g v8 92 qs 92 qs 8o,68 1i 50 1i,-18 1i -18 -3o -18 -aa,-18 -a0 -18 -ua,9u -a er 1l gi 2b hu 2o j1 2u,j2 2t k1 2v kv 2v,v8 8o 14i 8o,qs 7h o9 76 qs 7q,v7 7i 126 6f va 7s,14h 8n 14u 9b 15i 9u 16a af 174 av 186 bd,185 bc 18r bf 19l be 1ae b9 1b8 b1 1c2 ai 1cn a0 1d9 9b 1dm 8l 1dv 7v 1e2 76 1e1 6e 1dt 5m 1dl 51,1dk 4v 1fm 4v 1fg m6,v8 90 14e 90 172 bg 1bh bn 1fj bq,ki -4 ki 28,1as 67 1aa 6d 191 69 183 5r 177 51 16l 42 16e 3a 16e 2d 16s 1j 17i o 18f 6 19n 0,1fl 4v 1n5 50,1n4 4t 1mo pg,1mt gj 2da h2,1p8 6a 1os 65 1oj 5q 1oh 5f 1oj 54 1os 4r 1p9 4o 1ps 4o 1q9 4s 1qb 5a 1q9 5q 1pu 65 1pc 69 1p5 69,1sq 65 1rv 65 1re 5s 1r9 5c 1rh 4s 1s1 4g 1sp 4f 1t9 4o 1th 57 1tj 5r 1t8 66 1sm 68,204 69 1vj 69 1v1 5t 1ut 5c 1v4 4u 1vf 4k 1vs 4l 20a 4m 20h 53 20l 5c 20j 5t 20d 66 1vv 6d,23a 69 22j 65,22h 61 21r 5k 21p 56 220 4t 22g 4l 238 4l 23r 56 23r 5t 23a 69,1e1 4u 1di 3p,1fk 49 1fs 4u,1dh 3p 1bl 3e 1bl 33 1h4 41 1fk 48,25i gs 256 50 2ab 4u,2a6 51 2ao h0,2d3 54 2df di,2d2 56 2rd 5e,2dg dg 2r6 d6 2sf 47,2ra 5d 2sd 45,2d6 gv 2rl gh,2rj gg 2uu fg 314 e8 335 co 36e 93 3ab 4a,3ab 48 3aa 1aa,3a7 1ac 3qu 1ac 3q9 g 455 -d 4ar 1do,452 -d 44j -b9 3ui -c7 3ul -8k 44j -87,3ve -bi 3vg -a7 3vg -9k 3vb -8p,3v7 -b1 3vt -ao 40j -ao 413 -ap,40e -b8 40e -ag 40e -9c 40i -8p,3v6 -9h 3vt -9u 40q -9s 414 -9n,417 -av 41d -b9 41c -bj,41r -8t 41i -9n 41u -am 41t -bj,41m -as 42b -a6 422 -9e 424 -91,427 -9j 417 -a6,42q -8v 42q -9c,42q -9u 42q -ba#69 83 72 85 8n 7r ab 8a ca 80 e6 8f g4 85 hf 8i jd 85 k4 8i lr 80 na 8a ol 7u q7 88 qo 83,1ap 66 1ba at,19m -1 19m -e,19m -e 163 -e 15f 9q,1n4 5a 1og 5c,1ok 5s 1n3 5r,1qa 57 1r7 57,1ra 5i 1qb 5i,1tg 58 1ut 5a,1ut 5l 1tj 5l,20k 59 21o 59,21r 5l 20i 5l,23p 58 257 58,255 5q 23o 5m,1mq fq 1o1 g3 1pj fh 1r4 g5 1tb fd 1v0 fq 216 fg 22t fp 25h fg,40d 0 40d -18 3vn -1a 3vn -1n 41m -1g 41m -11 40a -1a,40v -15 40v -2,3ac 19o 3bi 1a7,3bi 1a7 3dq 19e,3dq 19e 3hl 1am,3hl 1am 3ku 18s 3ne 19q 3p5 18s 3qp 19g#T 40m -27,T 2q2 g6,T 27c 3s,T 1k0 3v,T so 6m

now, go fast!

*tell me if you want to sign up on my profile.*

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