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ABT: About
ABT2: About to
afk: Away From Keyboard
atm : At the Moment
AQAP: As quick (or quiet) as possible
AYT: Are you there?
b4: Before
B4N: Bye for now
B8: Bait
bak: Back, Back at Keyboard
bbl: Be Back Later
BFF: Best Friend Forever
brb: Be Right Back
btw: By The Way
btycl: Bootycall
c: See
CM: Call me
cyl: See you Later
cus: Because
cuz: Because or Cousin
dgaf: Don't give a Fuck ("dee-gaaf&quot
DIKU: Do I know you?
DL or D/L: Download
DQMOT: Don't quote me on this
DXNRY: Dictionary
2: To or Too
2dls: Toodles
2nite: Tonight
4: For
411: Information
4evr: Forever
4nd: Friend
E1: Everyone
EF4T: Effort
ez: Easy
FTW: Fuck The World, For The Win
FYEO: For your eyes only
FYI: For Your Information
GOI: Get over it
GOL: Giggling out loud
GR8: Great
GTFO: Get the Fuck Out
gtg or g2g: Got To Go
h8: Hate[19]
HAGN: Have a good night
HAGO: Have a good one
HAND: Have a nice day
HHRT: Hit Hard Right Through
IAC: In any case
IC: I see
idk: I Don't Know
idc: I Don't Care
ily: I Love You
imho: In My Humble Opinion
IMO: In My Opinion
JFGI: Just *freaking* Google it
JIC: Just in case
jk: Just Kidding
JLMK: Just let me know
JMO: Just my opinion
jp: Just Playing
jw: Just Wondering
k or kk: Okay
KEYA: I will key you later
kwim: Know What I Mean?
L8: Late
L8r: Later
LLS: Laugh(ing) Like Shit
lmao: Laugh(ing) My Ass Off
lol: Laugh(ing) Out Loud or Lots Of Laughs
luv: Love
lylas: Love You Like A Sister
lylab: Love You Like A Brother
143 or <3: I Love You (count or heart)
M8: Mate
n: and
ne1: Anyone
ngl: Not Gonna Lie
OMG: Oh My God (or Gosh)
OMFG: Oh My *freaking* God
ppl: People
qt: Cutie
r: Are
rofl: Rolls (or Rolling) On Floor Laugh(ing)
STFU: Shut the Fuck Up
ttly: Totally
ttfn: Ta Ta For Now
ttyl: Talk To You Later
ty or thnq: Thank You
thnks, thnx, or thx: Thanks
U: You
UR: You're / Your
UL: Upload
UN4TUN8: Unfortunate
URTM: You are the man
URW: You are welcome
UW: You're welcome
VM: Voice mail
W8: Wait
WDYK: What do you know?
wdymbt: What do you mean by that?
WDYT: What do you think?
w/e: Weekend, Whatever
WU? : What's up?
WUU2: What are you up to?
WYD: What (are) you doing?
WTF: What the Fuck?
WTH: What the Hell?
w/ : with
w/o : without
XLNT: Excellent
XME: Excuse Me
Y? : Why?
YCMU: You crack me up
Y W: You're welcome
ZUP: What's up?
zzz: Sleeping/bored [19]
: d~ = Smoker
or : ) = Happy[19]
: ( = Sad
:*( = Crying
:-@ = Scream
:-0 = Yell
: P = Tongue sticking out
; ) = winking
: {) = mustache man
D X = Angry[19]
X D = Laughing (tongue out)

Just figured you might want to learn computer language!

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Lmao did you make half these up right now? Anyways I hate to say but not sure it belongs in the newcomers forum, just because there new to AG doesn't mean there new to computers..or in this case computer language. Well anyways good work i guess.

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thanks! o and all of these hav been around lol!

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wow you sure know a lot...

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I really don't advocate a thread that teaches others how to demean the english language. Really... learn to type. You can spell when you go to school, why not give us the same decency? Haha.

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I hate it when people abbreviate. You sound SO much more itelligent when you type things out.

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We didn't go through thousands of years of civilization to go back to using primitive pictograms.

Really... learn to type
Well I can't type, yet see above.
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We have an unofficial AG chat area check it in CAlries prifile

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No Juan, if you actually understood the point of the thread -- it's to teach garbage shortcuts to the English language. I'm with DM and anyone else who doesn't like l33t speak. Is it really that hard to type 's' instead of 'z' or 'e' instead of '3' or 'about' instead 'abt'?

The answer is no. Personally, I think this thread should be sunk, never to see the light of day.

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