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There is specific information about each section of the AG board, but I've seen many threads that don't belong in that particular forum. This is probably not necessary but I would like to stress this, and this can lead to reducing work for our moderators.

Support and Suggestions:
This is a forum for those that need help from Armor Games Only, for those that need help from the forums, for those that have ideas to make Armor Games better.

Newcomer's Forum:
This is a forum for those that are new to AG and would need to ask questions and seek guidance from veteran users. Also used for introducing yourself. There is no AP gained.

Video Games: Anything that has to do with any video game. Discuss about video games, game systems, and gaming news here.

Flash Games: Anything that has to do with flash games. Can be from Armor Games too.

Game Walkthroughs: Contains walkthroughs from players that are masters of a certain game and would like to share their knowledge.

Forum Games: Create fun and interesting forum games here to entertain fellow Armor Games players. There is no AP gained.

World Events, Politics, Religion, News: All threads that pertain to these categories go here. Give out the latest news, debate about situations and different religions and discuss world events here.

Popular Media: Movies, Music and Art goes here. Discuss the latest popular Movie, the greatest song, and the most interesting art piece here.

The Tavern: Basically like a General Discussion Forum. Anything to a point can be discussed here. Any thread that doesn't pertain to the rest of the other categories goes here.

Programming Help: Situations that require programming assistance goes here. This is the forum for those that need help with programming. Threads that go here DO NOT go in the Support/Suggestions forum, or the Newcomer's Forum.

Music, Art, Writing: Threads that are about YOUR creativity go here. Show others your creativity and discuss and admire your and others' masterpieces. Threads that belong here DO NOT go under the Popular Media Forum.

Hopefully, just hopefully this will be of use to some of you and this will negate much confusion over the forums. Moderators, if you think this is helpful, you may sticky this, if you want.

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