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Here is a compiled list to things you really need to know to move smoothly around this site.


I found this very important to make sure to read. By everyone. Not just new Members.

Make Sure to check out all of the stickies and the help page.

The Stickies will have a pic next to them that looks like this:

--> Here Are Some of the Important Stickies <--

Stickies From Support and Suggestions and Merits. and Common Suggestions.

Stickies from Newcomers Forum Yourself Here Team Info and Rules Rules and Guidelines.

**IMPORTANT** DO NOT Only view the stickies here, but be sure to view them on all of the forums.


The Help Page will answer many of your questions. You can view it Help Page]here![/url]


These are also very well made guides that can help out quite a bit.

ArmorGames FAQ Made by Carlie

Guide to ArmorPoints(AP) Made by Fst6

BB Code Made By Crimsonblade55

URL Tricks Made By Crimsonblade55

Where to Put Your Threads Made By ShintetsuWA

Sweet Rapture! And Tips/Tricks Made by Thoadthetoad

***NOTE This is kind of a demo post. It will most likely be updated since something could have been left out. FULL CREDIT goes to the users who put these awesome guides together!

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