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Posted Feb 24, '08 at 5:06am



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Even though war is bad, I love video games, strategy games involving it. So, what would be the most awesome faceoff in todays world, WorldWar III.
I think it would be an Alliance of China, Russia and India, versus an Alliance of European States, and US. that would be epic


Posted Feb 24, '08 at 5:16am



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Wait, are you talking about in real life you would want WWIII or in a video game?
If it's for a video game that would be pretty cool.


Posted Feb 24, '08 at 8:58am



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I think It would be as well real-Life Realistik (Like the Test of Anti-Rocket Rockets on an U.S Sataleite from the U.S Goverment, and the reaction of Russia and China, who did excactly the same thing showed), as it would be interresting.

But im not so sure of India beeing in that alliance.I think a game of WWI would be interresting

Sorry for the long scentence in the middle of the other, and the "anti-rocket Rocket", but I didnt know a better description.