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Ok, I have seen a lot of people whine on support and suggestions forum about whats not needed or what needs to be improved, but many of these people give little idea how to achieve such. Here are a few steps that newcomers and older member alike should take before making a topic
1. Ask yourself,has this topic been made before, if so don't bring it back up unless you have something wise to say about the subject.
2. Be specific, be ready to elaborate and explain why your suggest is good, simply having the idea isn't good enough. If you don't want to be replying to everything single question then simply include in-depth info in your first post.
3. Give feedback, don't leave a topic up and not respond, so people that your willing to pursue your idea.
4. Be flexible, if someone suggests a modified version your suggestion on your topic, don't just instantly turn it down, take time to consider whats improved.
5.Don't brag-Mods will notice your topic eventually, calling over a mod is to see it is not necessary and will decrease the chances of your idea being used.
thats all, cheers drognar

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