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Need help...

Posted Oct 1, '08 at 2:48pm



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I just wanted to ask, firstly is it allowed to post in other languages on the forum? Like if I have some friends on here from the same country as me, and I was to post something to them in my language, is that ok?

Also, if it is ok, how can I post in any language other than english?

For example.. if I try to post in Hebew (since I am from Israel), this is what come out: ש××× ×-×" ××§×¡× ×'×¢×'ר×ת

It's totally garbled!


Posted Oct 1, '08 at 4:23pm



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Well, I don't think its possible on the forums, but if you post a comment on someone's profile, it should work.


Posted Oct 1, '08 at 4:27pm



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Right click and then go to were it says

languages then click on that then on ADD DICTIONARIES

Then look for the language.

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