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---"Pika, pika !"--- quiet Pikachu, we're new here, don't mess up, okay ?

Hi! I'm new here... (well, about 2-3 minutes old xD).
I'm ---, you could call me Pika. I love pokemons, and I enjoy drawing, pixeling, etc.

Just introducing myself here, heh heh...

---&quotikaa !!"---
what is it now, pikachu ??

Sorry bout that, I live with my Pikachu =3
I bring him everywhere. He's quite friendly if you're not a bad guy xD
He's a shy guy. =]

Introduce yourself, Pikachu.
---pika, pika ! pi....kaa.... ! pika...chu !! pika, pika, pika... pi..pi.. pi..ka..CHU ...!!---

Aww, isn't he just the sweatest thing ??
oh btw... Hi everyone !

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