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Posted Feb 25, '08 at 3:49pm



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I just got a profile not too long ago and i used to go to armor games a lot to play all of the good games. However, whats really pissing me off is that when i get to the game's page, no game shows up. People have been telling me that it should pop up on its own, but its just not happening. I let the page sit there while i took a dump, and when i came back it still had not loaded. Someone please tell me whats going on.


Posted Feb 25, '08 at 4:23pm



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Snuffle, that made me lol. But is your flash player updated?


Posted Feb 25, '08 at 4:26pm



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Well ive never heard of this happening but what i think a good idea would be to clear all your cookies and history and stuff then restart your computer.

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