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How do you connect the internet to the ps3

Posted Oct 6, '08 at 2:00pm



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[i]My question is do i use a stand telephone cable or one I have to buy from Argos or something like that


Posted Oct 6, '08 at 3:03pm



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first off, this should be in the video game section.

on topic: im pretty sure you have to get wireless internet. well, atleast thats what i have :P


Posted Oct 6, '08 at 5:14pm



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u need a ethernet cable


Posted Oct 6, '08 at 6:14pm



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you do the same thing as a ps2 to hook it up to an internet jack..........

for ps2 all you do is remove the panel in the back and attach he long wire


Posted Oct 7, '08 at 3:47pm



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I'm not sure because I don't have a ps3.
But it depends what kind of connection you want.

Use a ethernet cable(a blue wire with phone jacks on each end.) It connects to your phone jack, and the ps3.
And for wireless I'm assuming the ps3 has a wireless card. So get a router or gateway and put the ip address and other information into the ps3 manually or if it has a network scan set it to automatic.

Hope this helps you out.

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