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Escape Artist Walkthrough

Posted Oct 13, '08 at 3:42pm



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Hi, welcome to my walkthrough on how to solve Escape Artist.

I'm not gonna mess around, just go straight into the walkthrough.

The Basics:

You have to escape from a room. To do that you have to put together a mural on the door, which when finished will unlock the door and you can get out.

The Walkthrough:

Open the box to the right of your screen, then click on the pieces to take them out of the box. You will see a picture. Click on this to put it in your inventory, then click it again and hang it on the wall. Take the trowel/spatula from the palette. Click the pink cushion on the couch and a bone will pop out. You cannot take this, so click the left arrows on your screen.

On this room, you will see the mural on the door. Click at the bottom of the stool on the right hand side to get Mural Piece #1. Click on the 4 empty frames on the left, and pick up the blank canvas underneath. Then click the left arrow again.

Take the box that says Milk on it from by the pot on the right. Click on the first tube of paper and it will show 3 shapes. Click on the shapes until they are in the order:

You will receive Mural Piece #2.

Open the left cupboard and take Mural Piece #3. Click on the left arrow again.

This room is where you will find most of the Mural Pieces. First, click the chair on the right with the rag on it, and get Mural Piece #4. Eat the apple and grapes on the plate on the left, then click the empty plate. Then put the catfood on it. Then go back two rooms and pick up Mural Piece #5 from the chair. Use the trowel on the painting and receive Mural Piece #6. Click on the spare easel twice to set it up, then put the blank canvas on it. Then click the paintbrush on the floor and use it on the canvas. Take the key that is drawn. Go back 2 rooms again and unlock the chest to get Mural Piece #7. Then go back to the painting room. Click under the cupboard on the left to get Mural Piece #8. Go back to the room with the dog and move the green cushion on the floor to the left. Then click under the couch and get Mural Piece #9.

Go back to the mural room, put all the pieces on the mural and you've finished the game!


Posted Oct 13, '08 at 4:40pm



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I love this walkthrough!


Posted Oct 14, '08 at 2:11pm



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Posted Nov 23, '08 at 5:08pm



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ty man!![b]


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it is sad to need to look at a walkthrough for a game like this... whatever...


Posted Jan 18, '09 at 10:52am



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Good walkthrough, already beated the game. Thnx anyway

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