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This is guide to understanding spam.

What is spam?

Spam is when you post a meaningless post. If you do this, you will have to edit it, or else it will be deleted. Try to keep all of your posts +5 words, it helps prevent this spam. Always go with the topic, even if you still have more than 5 words, it is spam.

What is so bad about spam?

Spam is bad because

It slows down the website, and clogs up the forums. It is harder to find posts that you want to find. And, it makes the value of the site worse. When you spam it is not as fun, because you don't actualy get to do what you're here for: Talking about the thread. It will not help you in any way, it might be bad for you. So don't do it.

Why would someone spam?

They want points, they want to be known better. Spamming helps people recognize you, and they might want to be recognized. They want points, what does that mean? It means, if they spam, they get more BP. ten spam posts would get you 1 BP, so they would go higher in the charts. But I will actually make spam lose you BP.


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Well theone he just told you lol.

Great thread peoples.

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