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As most of the members are looking towards the door of the lobby, waiting to greet new members into the ArmorGames mansion, a voice comes from the back of the room.

A person familiar to some, but a stranger to most, steps forward.

"Sorry I didn't introduce myself when I stepped in through the door. Some of you already know me by now, but I'll introduce myself now anyway. Better late than never."

Andreas: Hello everybody. My name is Andreas Renberg.
Gameaholics Anonymous Group: Hello, Andreas.
Andreas: I haven't played a game excessively since sitting up until 2AM last night playing n knowing that I have to get up for work the next morning. At least that's not as bad as my Portal setback last summer.
<Crowd applauds>

I have been working with VB.Net for at least 6 years, however, because of education and work I do not often find time to program much. I am currently learning Flash and AS3, and have a few upcoming games, most of which are still in the planning stages.

I am also a Twilight Imperium player (anyone else up for a 6-8 hour board game?) and am hoping to create a computer program which allows players to compete either online or on a LAN.

My only other achievement is being able to solve the Rubik's Cube in under a minute, however, as with programming, I have not been practicing this skill much lately due to a busy schedule. Other than that, I have no life.

My favorite genre of games are unique puzzle games.

I will keep whoever is interested informed about the upcoming progress of any of my games, however, be warned. I am a chronic procrastinator.

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hey i like tat u took the time to make a big introduction! i hope u are happy with ur account and have fun on AG like me and other users!

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You've been a member longer then I have(not actively) and you are now deciding to introduce yourself?well I guess all I can say is I hope you continue to enjoy the site.I like the detail though that you put into the description.It gives people a good idea as to what your about,and the way you act.

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however, be warned. I am a chronic procrastinator.

Dont worry, you are not the only procrastinator.

Hope you find the time to submit some good games to this site. You sound like you have some really good game ideas.
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