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Based on the amazing flash game of the same name, this RPG is about spiritual demons decimating humanity. Nukes failed to stop them, and the human race is dwindling. It is in its final stages. Can you survive the eXmortis in Texas?

How To Play
Copy below, but change ? to what you want.

Name: ?
Age: ?
Weapon of choice: ? (No super weapons such as RPGs and nuke launchers, just small arms and make-shift melee or knives.)
Starting Place: ? (Church, a house, school, streets, shopping mall, graveyard etc.)

I will be the narrator. What I say affects the way the world is run and if you live or die. No explicit content please.

Crimson sky with grey clouds. Not exactly the perfect day, but is any day perfect with the eXmortis closing in? Humanity is dwindling, so you must survive in this small rural village in the back-end of Texas.

*A black streak is upon the horizon, slowly moving in*

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