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Armophous+: killing a void eater

Posted Oct 24, '08 at 7:24am



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I know there still are people unable to kill a void eater, so ill tell you how. First, you must wear both the reactive armor and the hazzard suit. The first protects you of those booms the void eater makes, and the second makes you immune against the gravitational effects of blast to oblivion and gravity well . So, when the void eater prepares to hit with the blast to oblivion, go beneath it and finish it. Simple, nah?

Tip: You'll never EVER succeed withought hazard suit.


Posted Oct 24, '08 at 9:05am



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I actually have succeeded without hazard suit. It's quite easy. You just take the sprint award and run directly to it and splat it and you just use 1 reward slot

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