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Year: Millennia 4

Humanity is in a state of chaos! World war has torn our planet apart, leading us to Mars. Mars, after Terraforming, was split into 23 free Nations. Yet peace was not long. Be the one against impossible odds.


Shapeshifter: Can change forms to fit battle needs and turn invisible...

Realm Walker: Can walk through walls and objects and run at in-human speeds...

Time Traveller: Warp time into your needs; pause, rewind; and flip time on itself to dominate!

Blazer: Immensely dense being which can defy the laws of physics and change gravity, weave holes in space, and shoot anti-matter beams.

Class Defaults:

Weapon: Beam Rifle; Density Grenades
Armor: Particle Skin
Shield: None

Realm Walker]
Weapon: Beam Sword; Plasma Grenades
Armor: Tactical Assault Suit
Shield: Particle Reflector

Time Traveller]
Weapon: Gamma Gatling Gun
Armor: Dense Particle Plating (D.P.P)
Shield: None

Weapon: None (Powers)
Armor: Fusion Assassin Suit (F.A.S)
Shield: Collapsable Reflector

Info Default Example:

Name: Ace
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Class: Blazer
Weapon: None (Powers)
Armor: F.A.S
Shield: Coll. Reflector

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