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Posted Oct 26, '08 at 10:53am



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The objective is to be the leading army of this thread. To do so you must upgrade your:
You can also team up with other players to form bigger armies and to get bigger faster. You are only allowed a max of a 3 person group.
Here are the things you can start out with as just you:
Small industry +10 metal
2 users: +15 metal
3 users: +18 metal
Small irragation +10 crop
2 users: +15 crop
3 users: +18 crop
Small technology +.5 tier
2 users: +.5 tier
3 users: +.5 tier
Small Business +$10
2 users: +$15
3 users: +$18
Tier 10= No weapons and armor (apes)
1 user)A max of 50 soldiers
2) Max of 75
3) Max of 80
Here is your layout:
[Name of country here]:

[Name of race of apes]

[All materials you start out with]:

Well to sum up, you start out with tier 10 and you are a race of ape-men. You have a [b]small[/b community (allowing only small industry, irragation...etc.) You have an army of 5o, it take 10% of your army = crop needed to sustain army (army of 50 = 5 crop eaten by army)
To get to tier 9 and become successful cavemen you have to reach:
Industry +15 metal
Irragation +15 crop
Technology +1 tier
Business = $15
Then I will give further information when that tier is reached.
Also you only get all income ($, metal, tier, crop) everyday at 4:00pm
And if anyone needs more information regarding more users in countries and income or anything else, contact me.
Anyone who joins me will get everything (besides tier) doubled. So double income, metal, crop...etc.


Posted Oct 26, '08 at 11:59am



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ill join this

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