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Zombie Arms and Armaments

Posted Oct 29, '08 at 4:15am



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Here's a fun little question that I asked my friends. Here's the situation:

Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse. You survived the first few days, have a decent base established to keep the undying hordes out. However, you can't always stay, as you still need to consume. Supply runs might become relatively common. That being the case, you probably have a few "toys" lying around waiting to be used on zombies, should they get close enough to make you want them dead where they stand. (As far as I'm concerned, "walking" is too close for comfort.) What three weapons do you choose?

There are some rules to this question:

1) Money is no object. If you can find it, buy it, or steal it, it may as well be yours.

2) Ammo is never an issue... when at home. You can only carry so much ammunition on your person without getting weighed down. If your weapons use magazines, estimate for four or five ready-to-use mags. If your tool of the trade is one-shot (like a grenade) estimate three at best. You can only carry so much before even those party favors get dangerous.

3) Keep in mind that this is all things you need to be able to carry. An M249 SAW, though looking totally badass, might be too large and unwieldy, especially when in full-auto. Mind your carry-space. Generally, if you can't fit everything into a backpack with room to spare, it might be too much gear.

4) Vehicles are nice, but offer limited movement, especially in low-fuel situations, crowded streets from abandoned cars, etc. That being the case, always assume your weapons for being on foot.

That should cover it. I would suggest that one of your weapons be some form of a melee weapon. After all, they never run out of ammo.


Posted Oct 29, '08 at 4:57am



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My choice arms are an Armsel Striker Streetsweeper model with two boxes of shells on standby, an M4 carbine with grenade launcher attachment, and a crowbar.

First off, why the crowbar? Well, a solid, three-foot crowbar can be used for its other namesakes (it's called a jimmy-bar as well) and when used appropriately, it can make a decent club or short spear. It's all in the wrist.

Secondly, the carbine and M320 grenade launcher attachment will help me in my medium-range combat against zombies. The grenade launcher can also be used for crowd control, minor demolitions, or any time I'm home and want to see something go boom.

Finally, the Armsel Striker. You might think a shotgun in a zombie attack as a bad idea due to reload. I see your concern, but I'm not too worried. The Striker is equipped with a drum magazine that feeds the shells to the shotgun's breech. To reload, the shells are still pushed in manually, but it's a little faster with the drum being wound with each shell. Call it arrogance, but I could get the thing to work like a charm.

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