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Outbreak journal entries

Posted Nov 4, '08 at 10:53pm



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Ooo, I wanna try, I'm not very good at writing, so be warned, it's pretty bad. I didn't want to go off about zombie vs. human because slliM's already doing that kind of thing so I just rambled off about the thoughts of(I assume a guy) this person, I kinda stole the date by the way, I figured if all the entries on the thread were about the same outbreak just different perspectives it would make it cooler =)

June 24th, 2012

It was almost as if by fate in which those unfortunate people were to be turned against their fellow man in the horrendous aftermath of the announcement that sent chaos through the country. I'm not sure where it started, nor how long it had manifested itself in it's home. The virus, given a name Solanum by most countries, I've heard many names from the roamers who travel despite of those things, those demons. I've seen my fair share, some are mindless beasts, rabid as a diseased dog starved for what seemed to be an eternity. Others are cunning creatures, vile and wily in their ways of picking you from your hideout, sadistically teasing you once you have passed into a state of helplessness before their kind's might.
It's been an endless struggle of survival for I, a peasant-mortal before the army of the undead. Not too long ago, I had come inches away from the terrible, poisoned fangs of those who've pasted and not left this world in body. It was a horrid experience, the thought of being just like them, turning into a monster. I have seen it, the transformation, a fear-inspiring process of witchcraft and rapid mutation. I pray to my God every day, begging for mercy that I be spared the same fate both my friends and family have suffered, as should I join their crusade against the dying human race.
I can hear them now, those who made their life here previously before the unstoppable, contagious, disease, they will get in soon, and only then will I learn the fate left for me, a survivor for the time being.
-Unknown, Page 11

'Escuse me rambling, and length XD


Posted Nov 4, '08 at 11:44pm



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cool ill try.

November 22 2013

Todays my birthday. Just think 18 years ago none of this happened. I was just born, and my parents were still alive, and i had a loving brother of 2. But it all fell apart. July 1st 2012 an outbreak occured, the epicenter was around the city of boston Massachusetts. I was in Virginia visiting my dad when infected started pouring across the Patomac river. My entire family was at a reunion when they came. All my cousins, brothers, aunts uncles, my girl friend, Allysa ( teardrop stains the page) all of them gone. A month later i was travelling north and came upon a man he had the same name as me, he said his son was infected and his wife killed herself. I feel sorry for this man because he travelles alone now after we separated. Im heading north in the hope to reach Canada, were theres not so many people that may have gotten infected.

-Rhett Butler


Posted Nov 5, '08 at 5:25pm



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Nice Stories guys!

I give raptor a 10/10!
Dude that was epically amazing.
(how can you say that your not good at writing?)

As for bboy i give you a 8.5 out of 10.
It had OK grammar and a cool cameo appearance by Rhett Matthews, T'was not that interesting though.

P.S I'll have to include Rhett Butler in my next journal writing.

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