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Welcome to Armor Games Newcomers!

This will be a guide on how to get merits(what is needed), how you actually receive them(who gives them out), and anything else about

What is a merit?
A merit is a reward. Not a given. In other words don't ask for a merit.
A merit is a reward worth 25AP(Armor Points) It's the biggest amount of points you can receive on Armor Games at one time.

Who can give someone a Merit?
There are two people. The moderators, and Administrators.

What is the purpose of a merit?
There are two main purposes of a merit. One is to reward a user on his/her efforts to help out the game developer.
And that leads to the next purpose. The second purpose of a merit is to help the game developer. He/she wants positive criticism, and to know what people liked, and didn't like. this is so that he/she can improve upon the game.

How do I receive a merit?
By not asking!
Never ask. It greatly diminishes your chances of receiving one.
You get a merit one of two ways. One is for giving a detailed review of a game. You should cover all of the major things, and use proper grammar, and spelling... (We will cover what you should cover in order receive a merit later on.)
The other way is to compete in a contest in the Forums and win. If a moderator is running the contest, he/she might be giving a merit
away as a reward.

What is wanted in a Merit?

.::this us solely based upon common sense, and my experiences::.

Basically most moderators want four main things.
They want what you liked, and what you disliked about the game, and why. Because it is important to know what people liked, and disliked(for the game developer). Another thing to include would be Who you would suggest that particular game to(i.e. RPG, Fantasy,
action gamers). I like to include a warning there too. Like if the game has excessive swearing, or blood I warn gamers. the last thing to include would be your overall rating of the game, and why you rate it that way.(don't forget to actually rate the game )

Those are the main things to include. There are a whole lot of other things that you could include(no particular order):

game improvements/suggestions
storyline(if any)/concept
game play
recommend to players
overall rating/why
some Tips

You should also try to use bigger words other than "good/bad" Here are some I've used in the past for substitutes for common words.

Good: excellent, first-rate, pleasing, splendid, stupendous, superb, wonderful
Bad: cheap, crummy, not good, unsatisfactory, substandard, inferior
interesting: amusing, attractive, captivating, elegant, enchanting, exotic, impressive, intriguing, pleasing, unusual
weird/strange: grotesque, kooky, strange, uncanny, odd

But above all!
Write the merit how you write. Some people write the category, and then write what they liked about that category...

game play: the game play is, blah blah bla...

difficulty: this game is blah blah bla....
but most people write it like a paragraph.

This concludes my Merit guide. If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask me on my Profile. Or refer to Here

I hope this has helped some of you new people understand everything about merits.

Until next time,

~Binary Illusion.

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